1. I don’t. Partly because, the relationship I severed existed between my dad and me, and only he and I were party to all that transpired to lead us to estrangement. No one can make a fair judgement without all the information, and no amount of explanation can replace firsthand experience so…

  2. Thanks for going into it. One of the things I said to my friend was that if he wants to see my bio family he can and that he will be a welcome guest at their home.

  3. Yuck. Doesn’t sound like anyone I would want for a, “friend,” and I’m sorry he claimed to be a friend to you.

  4. Oof. No, I haven’t experienced that since I was a minor, and gosh that sounds terrible for SzPD in particular. I have at most weekly phone contact with my mom, and only see her in person once every 6 weeks or so. For every other living relative, I see them less or never. I can’t imagine anyone giving solid input into my life, unless it’s to talk about my absence in theirs hah

  5. I don’t expect therapy, and I think it’s unreasonable to. I expect changed behavior, and I feel therapy is probably the best course of reaching that outcome, but therapy itself isn’t the requirement for me to consider a reunion.

  6. I thought of that one, but then realized the amount of money I’m saving by not having a kid far outweighs any tax break, at least in my tax bracket (solidly middle class, United States).

  7. When I’m anticipating a social interaction, like going to a group dinner, I’m pretty good at being animated in conversation. Like a marionette puppet, I have the strings in hand ready to make my facial features dance. When I’m not expecting it, like when a stranger engages me in an aisle of the grocery store, I’m much more blunted and stoic. I don’t have time to gather the puppet strings, if you will.

  8. Well, being me is normal to me. But I don't want to sociallise as others, no.

  9. Yes! I feel normal. Doing what I wish to do, how I feel comfortable doing it, is my normal. I can see how others enjoy social interaction, and I wish them well doing it.

  10. You might need to get a little more region-specific in your query. I’m in rural north central PA, 60-90 minutes from Harrisburg/Scranton/Williamsport/State College, and I’ve never heard of anyone around here mentioning use of a carpool or ride share app, except the rare Uber/Lyft driver

  11. Maybe once every 5 years hah. And only after I was pushed over and over again multiple times. My default response is to ignore/avoid/withdraw but if truly provoked I’ve been known to holler and cuss. Then I retreat and ignore/avoid/withdraw from the target of my wrath.

  12. The inescapable, permanent nature of the role. And the serious financial commitment.

  13. The psychiatrist who diagnosed me advised against trying to disclose my diagnosis to others. It was back in 2012 so I can’t recall his words verbatim, but he basically told me no one would understand unless they were also schizoid.

  14. Im petty.... i would keep working out but look at the camera with the craziest most hideous expressions the whole time so her footage is unusable...

  15. I’m petty, too. I’m not saying I’d purposely interfere with the filming, but I wouldn’t go out of my way to walk around the filming equipment.

  16. She posted recently about being down ~4# which surprised me given…well, it’s her. But, I figured maybe she hopped on the Keto train and had dropped some initial water weight. The potatoes…and biscuits…and banana bread…have proved me wrong hah

  17. I like to film my workouts because I train alone and need to see my form from diff angles. But I do that shit at home. Or if I am working out in a commercial gym, I pick a spot in a corner where there’s no one/nothing behind me and only film myself. It’s really not that hard.

  18. But are you posting the recordings you make to public social media? I think that’s the real rub here. Capturing a PR moment or form checking here and there for your own private feedback or to share with a close personal follower is understandable. Blasting a stranger to the public at large because she thinks she’s too important to respect someone else’s right to privacy is just rude.

  19. Idk if they do have the means. I feel like Fat & Weird is tanking.

  20. Really? They just posted a YouTube video about entering the wholesale space. Idk, he certainly talked a big game…(as he does, hah!)

  21. The polls asking whether we knew what her main and “secondary main” (which, by the way, how can it be both second and main? Maybe I need a PhD to understand…) “expertises” (again, is that a real word? I only have a Bachelor’s Degree…) were so cringe. Sorry we aren’t all so far up her ass to know what studies she concentrated on. JFC.

  22. What the FUCK is she bragging about, she could’ve explained that in two sentences/asked her following, “would you like to hear more scientific explanations on how things work?” but this paragraph makes no sense. She also completely disses her followers, and idk who she even is, but how is anyone following her with this word vomit?!

  23. Lyss to her followers: “I know a lot, but I don’t share a lot of what I know, because then you’ll all ask me a lot of questions about the topic I claim to know a lot about.

  24. I would not have expected Sheetz of all places to have this policy. Pretty sure I've seen plenty of missing teeth every time I've gone in there

  25. I’m pretty sure I can’t remember any specific smile on a store associate lol

  26. Nine years and many, many requests for continuances by THEIR attorneys 🙃🙄😣

  27. Wait, what statement? & Why did I initially think this was Todd Chrisley

  28. I think it’s the hair. Has it always been this bleached blonde, or is he going through his 90’s boy band era?

  29. I’m not a fan; but I didn’t get the impression she needed to be told. They told her the day before she couldn’t record in the gym anymore. Not sure if the new management just realized she was recording or what. (That wasn’t discussed). Then yesterday, she said they told Brad she could keep recording with the caveat she doesn’t record other people. It was never said she’d done that.

  30. Yesterday she posted several workout clips filmed at PF with 3-4 separate strangers visible in the background.

  31. I stand with you, OP. I wouldn’t go so far as the BEST the series had to offer, but certainly the best character in a minor story arc.

  32. If she isn’t, she’s missing a great opportunity.

  33. What kind of governor Would a career prosecutor make?

  34. The last Attorney General-turned-Governor was Corbett, who only lasted one term.

  35. Yeah…does she mean the energy drink? Seems an odd thing to list as a defining “love.”

  36. This past Father’s Day weekend, almost 2 years into NC with my Dad, I received a Friend Request from an unknown woman that I ignored. Then I received a Message Request on FB Messenger from this woman, stating she’s a friend of my Dad’s and that she doesn’t know what caused our separation but told me he was very sad and that I should reach out to wish him a Happy Father’s Day.

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