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  1. Kronos : Xiao Yin (lead) - Odette - Heng Yue - Ollie - Red Twin

  2. Would Fatum be a suitable replacement for Ollie in Kronos?

  3. Ok but why does he look like Ben Affleck

  4. Looks like he's mid conversation with Theseus!

  5. Thanks! I just chose the expression with the greatest amount of lighting lol. Cus making dark shadows with watercolors are so damn difficult for me.

  6. But is isis really a bird Maybe Elliot would be better due to his paper cranes

  7. If you checked Erlang Shen through Wiki, it basically tells you this:

  8. Wow this is amazing! He even kind of looks like his dad here

  9. I just stalked your profile and your art is incredible! I love the realism you add to these portraits. I can’t wait to see new ones you do!!

  10. That's incredible! Such warmth from the eyes! How did you stop her from eating the graphite?

  11. I admittedly lost a significant amount of graphite from my inventory

  12. As a super fan of Madeline Miller, I adore these so much!

  13. Oh the places my mind went to when I read the caption and the NSFW tag

  14. i scrolled through your other posts, your art is beautiful! thank you for sharing. fan artists are the backbone of our nation lol

  15. The sunset makes it breath taking

  16. Its in the Silver Islands, particularly Mykonos. You can see it from the synchronize location on the Temple of Artemis.

  17. im really enjoying the internet trend to confuse social anxiety disorder with introvertism

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