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  1. I have an td17kvx and here's what I did. Spin the hi hat itself until you can no longer spin it and see if that fixes ut.

  2. I tried this & it just spun continually haha I can’t figure it out but it’s driving me nuts.

  3. Yes unfortunately the solution is to get a hihat stand where the rod screws into place.

  4. I can tighten the upper rod & it’s tight- the hi hat still spins its ass off. I can’t find any other work around.

  5. When I went through my bad break up several years ago, something about The Golden Girls did it for me.

  6. 360 view like we get in our homes, buy more than 1 NMT at a time, & travel to islands back to back without having to go back to our home island.

  7. The mommas with their babies was so cute to see- then the one momma snatches another’s banana lmaoooo

  8. That’s a baby German cockroach. I’d call pest control now if you haven’t already. You can literally get them from anywhere- best to get to it before they go crazy.

  9. German cockroaches are one of the most common household pests. I had success (when I did pest control) at ridding homes of very severe infestations. I didn’t mean to alarm you, just that since there is a baby, there are adults (and more babies) somewhere. It’s just better to call as soon as you see them than to wait. If you still have the cockroach, I’d save it & show the pest control technician if you decide to call.

  10. That I will die in a car accident on August 27th of an undisclosed year.

  11. Depends on the prison. In my experience of serving 2 years in the Georgia Department of Corrections, I learned that it is mainly a myth. I have seen high ranking gang members (bloods, gangster disciples, crips, AB’s) all be convicted of sex offenses against children and they generally are treated the same by other inmates.

  12. I’ve always wondered if it was true, or just something we came up with to make ourselves feel there really WAS a “special place in hell” for people who do such terrible things.

  13. I worked close with a guy who went to prison in Tx for 19 years. He said they had this inmate who was their for life named “gorilla”. You can guess yes he was a ginormous black male & no body wanted to be his bunk mate. Well fortunately a new convicted child raper comes into their unit, regular joe, white guy, skinny with glasses in his 40s. Went by captain howdy. He got bunked with gorilla. My coworker was telling me that in prison, the doors automatically open when it’s time to come out for Rec time, breakfast, lunch, dinner, shower etc.. now if you don’t want to leave for a time being of the day, you just close the door and the guards don’t bother you while you stay in ur cell. Well not even a few days being bunked with gorilla. He said he notice the door kept getting closed evrytime the guards hit the buttons to open cells. He didn’t think nothing of it and minded his business. Til 18 HRS passed and the guards noticed neither gorilla or the new guy “captain howdy” came out of their cell. So they pop the door open and find captain howdy unconscious barely breathing naked. “Gorilla” had viciously beat this dude, and other things… my homie said there was blood and shit everywhere and he said not exaggerating, everywhere… he tore captain howdy up from the inside and out. The neighboring cell said they heard captain howdy screaming for help and heard banging and pounding but minded their business bc they didn’t want to become the next target for gorilla. So they never mentioned it to the guards. Captain howdy went to medical and last my homie heard, dude has to shit & piss through one of those bags connected to ur stomach. Can’t eat on his own, eats through a tube & his genitals and asshole are non existent and had to go through several surgeries. So yes, prison Justice does happen. Now I cringed at the story thinking that dude went through a whole lot, then I remember he’s a child raper and got exactly what was coming for his ass.

  14. Thank you for the advice. I have a horrible feeling about all this too. I’m going to go get a blood test done, and whether it negative or positive I will have a conversation with him. If it’s negative, I will talk to him about respecting my wants and boundaries, and to not show up at my house unannounced again. If positive…he will be completely cut out of my life.

  15. OP, don’t give him the luxury of conversation. You need to be done NOW. Whether he drugged you or not, this is not someone you should give any time to. You giving him the luxury of conversation, gives him the luxury of manipulating you into thinking you’re “crazy”, and then guilt you about him “just trying to be sweet”. Don’t give him the opportunity, & do not give him access to you anymore.

  16. It’s insane that I thought I was the only person alive with this exact problem.

  17. My best friends dad, Billy Crocket painted this a few years back!

  18. I love you, & am glad you are still here my friend.

  19. An ex girlfriend of mine was at my moms house with all of us at dinner. It went like this:

  20. You can breed golden roses (with the golden watering can) from black roses!

  21. Shave your pits bro. It’s your life, live it how you wanna & tell everybody else to go shit themselves.

  22. You put a match in the loop & light manually (there’s a small hole somewhere on your grill to put it in) should your igniter fail.

  23. Me who’s been desperately wanting Reneigh to leave my island for a year.

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