1. I mean it sounds like he did understand, he's just a fucking piece of shit homophobe

  2. Sorry, defending him when he is clearly genocidal makes you look like one

  3. Do you read this guy's tweets? He regularly calls for violence against Jewish people and seemingly can't stop being antisemitic long enough to have his next burner account banned. This dude chews through Twitter accounts like they're on sale. This guy hates Jewish people so much he spits through his gritted teeth every time he says the J word. Hitler would give this guy a medal for his outstanding commitment against "international jewry"

  4. Boooooo take this Nazi shot and get the fuck out

  5. Im saying deadnaming in all circumstances is not transphobic since there is no Oscars that was won by Elliot Page for best actor, but Ellen page as best actress

  6. You coward bitch. I explicitly explained in my reply to you how and why it's transphobic to deadname and then you think it's fine to post this? Clearly you have no interest in any of the questions you've posed throughout this thread and are strictly interested in being a transphobe. That's it. You gave up because I clearly proved my point and you proceed to pretend like our exchange never happened.

  7. They didn't say why its actually transphobic they are just asserting that it is for no particular reason. In a history class you would say that the Ottoman Empire was involved in WW1 and not Turkey. If the announcers at the time used those names at the time they competed theres nothing really wrong with using the same terminology. Im not referring to Elliot Page like that. Im just saying that Ellen Page was the 2012 best actress winner because at the time they were. Simple as

  8. countries are not people. that point doesnt even make sense.

  9. Gender being a social construct is the only way out of the insinuation that being male makes you genetically predisposed to violence. It's literally the best explanation for why most mass shooters are male. I cannot understand what Ben is trying to imply

  10. No. I'm pretty sure the only way to cure a conservative of brain rot is through personal channels based off community and emotion. Logic means absolutely nothing to common conservatives, even if they think it does. Conservative brain rot is lethal.

  11. There's a difference between a small investment that's benefitting you and a family member vs being a leech on society. Just don't become a landlord full time and you're good. If your primary source of income is from other people paying you to live, you're a leech.

  12. I can only cum while being morally better than others

  13. It was never morally justifiable to use Twitter, even before Elon took it

  14. Which is why you do all things and criticize those who don’t correct

  15. This is exactly the "yet you live in society" meme

  16. No it’s just pointing out your hypocrisy, and that your “boycott” of something you never intended to buy is an ineffectual, masturbatory virtue signal

  17. Yes, I'm fully aware of the hypocrisy of criticizing society and yet participate in it. That's still the meme

  18. Because I kept growing up and realized that some of the stuff I enjoyed as a kid was dogshit

  19. Ok I need to know what is the actual problem. Is it we live in a society, etc, or that the boycotters are being too mean to people who want to play a video game?

  20. Why don't you go to a conservative sub and make dumb ass posts there. At least there you'll be around people of the same cognition level

  21. The lengths you people go to to defend an abuser is amazing. You all need help and I’m posting this from this account because last time I posted this I was harassed by people in this subreddit

  22. Good, keep getting harassed asshole.

  23. Bro no one cares about a Nazi hit piece video. Why would I listen to some deranged genocidal shitbag when I could have just as much amusement and engaging content by hitting my head against a brick wall.

  24. Regulating the food industry to provide healthier food like they do in Europe? Count me in

  25. Fauna own goaling in wii soccer

  26. Rip to my man Elon, hopes he finds a man that can satisfy him

  27. Lol so mad when you can just address the points I made instead.

  28. How do I make a point against something completely wrong? Like go back to the drawing board and try again maybe

  29. Bro I'm on mobile and I'm lazy just reread your entire post that's what I'm talking about

  30. Taking his claim at face value, this doesn't excuse being a Nazi. It might explain why he's so mask off but the actual beliefs he holds have nothing to do with being autistic. I really hope the narrative around this doesn't end up as 'an excuse' for being a nazi

  31. One of my favorite things about being a wow refugee is that being a m+ player has taught me a lot about damage efficiency. I pop CDs on trash and only save them for specific bosses(the salt dragon at the end of the burn, during the shard phase for example). I LOVE getting to lb a huge pack as a BLM and follow that up with triple casting fire 4 inside my leylines. It's especially satisfying because boss mechanics frequently make you move, which I know BLM memes and all but being able to go full tilt with CDs is so much easier during trash pulls because less moving

  32. I mean even by your definition, it just says work of art. Are video games not works of art? I think adaptation is supposed to be more broad of a term, it's just usually specific to a concise story because it's still a useful descriptor

  33. How blizzard treats shadow is a huge red flag

  34. God this is so good. Absolutely nailed the camera, dialogue, and every transition. My favorite part was the "it's being patched out" part. Monogatari characters would actually talk like that. I know for sure senjougahara would lol

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