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  1. Nothing is really quite as nice as Beware of Chicken.

  2. I just finished reading through this. It was, in fact, quite cozy, and a nice read. :)

  3. So, I know people who work in AI and I've had a lot of discussions with them about it. I'm still a layperson, but a fairly well-informed one, I feel.

  4. Eh, more like just a bad title. It's one of the few good VRMMO titles I've read, and the game its based in seems heavily inspired by real life MMOs. I've never played Final Fantasy Online, but I raided World of Warcraft pretty heavily back in the Vanilla/TBC/Lich King era and I definitely felt like it was written by someone with raiding experience (a good thing, since the main character is the leader of a top raiding guild).

  5. Anything by Sara Lin. Rachel Aaron's FFO. Dungeon Crawler Carl... Honestly, most published LitRPG eBooks will meet the standard of quality you see in the series' listed above. I'm guessing you have Kindle Unlimited, but if you don't, that's a great way to get access to a ton of great content in this genre.

  6. Oooh, interesting. I knew that was coming out, but not that it was the last book! Well, I'll have to grab that next, then.

  7. That one is fun, but there are others. If you're looking for a similar semi-silly vibe, maybe Casual Farming or Help I Was Reincarnated as a Farmer. If you want something similar in terms of innocuous-protagonist-turns badass, maybe Heroic Bunny Saga. If you want something a little grittier but still with comedic moments, there's the oft-recommended Dungeon Crawler Carl.

  8. I really enjoy the system from threadbare.

  9. The inclusion of negative luck was very interesting. I wish it wasn't something characters outgrew.

  10. To be fair the whole series has the amount of pages the first book in other series have.

  11. No big if you have Kindle Unlimited, though. Works out the same.

  12. And I love your book! (Though you depicted the situation so believably that it was harrowing to read it and remember mine at that age and try to imagine the scenario...) When's the next one coming out?

  13. Right? I hated Ksmvr on first appearance, and now he's my absolute favorite. Bird I wrote off as a silly irritation for a long time, and I love him now. Crusader 57 isn't my favorite per se, but I am excited and delighted whenever he appears. Anand's insistence on familifying the Hive. His absolutely adorable insistence on getting better at boats even as he shakes in existential dread. Infinitypear's adorable relationship with Rasktooth. Grass Shell.

  14. I think Ksmvr being so hated at the beginning and getting to know him now is part of what makes him so good now.

  15. Low levels things like [Precision cut] [Lesser strength] [Perceive anatomy - livestock], would let him figure out the cuts of meat we have in the modern day easier.

  16. I like this. You'd probably also have low-level skills like [Remove Silverskin] and [Pare From Bone] that would consolidate into a higher level skill that would be something like [Perfectly Prepared].

  17. As others have said, figuring out her capstone requires us to figure out her class consolidation, which will almost certainly still retain innkeeping and witchy elements.

  18. Try Forever Fantasy Online by Rachel Aaron or maybe Alpha Physics by Alex Kozlowski (I'll warn you, the start of this series is a bit trippy, so only give that one a shot if you're willing to stick with it for a bit).

  19. I felt so bad for Saliss this chapter, from his Pov the fairy flower potion is such a sick joke, it gives him the one thing he truly wanted, to be Onieva but erases all the pain and hardships Saliss had to go through in order to reach that point, which destroys the entire point of Onieva, I really hope they fix the potion so Onieva can truly be a who she wants to be so badly

  20. I think it would have to be a different potion entirely. Faerie flowers provide fey-bargain-type solutions.

  21. Honestly, I feel like it would be out of character for Saliss to go through with it - whatever it was. The chapter did emphasize that there were still two more safeties before it could actually go off.

  22. I prefer something that is properly paced and fits the story that is being told. I've read series where the events happening are desperate and the time frame slim but the actual writing has all the urgency of doing the ironing on a lazy afternoon.

  23. I'd agree with this, although I'd additionally clarify that the pace should fit the tone moreso than the content.

  24. I need to update this with some of the good ones I read this year, but you might enjoy this blog post:

  25. Favorite interaction is when pride meets him in isivil with Erin and tries to pick a fight, but grimalkin is such a fitness fanatic that her words fly right over his head as he begins to complement and ask her about her routine leaving her for the first time we've seen flustered and unsure how to proceed.

  26. Grimalkin is great, but I constantly wonder why he's named what he is. He just doesn't seem very catlike to me. I figure if anyone can find the connection I'm missing, it's the crowd in a Grimalkin appreciation thread. :)

  27. Phantasm on royal road doesn't really do horror, but it's the most in-depth look at charisma as a stat I've seen. It uses a combination of autopilot - if you lean into skills like Charm the skill will do the talking for you - and also mind control where if you loose a social contest you have to give the other person what you were arguing about.

  28. So, I think I can locate the difference of opinion here. You're thinking of mind control as being explicit, direct mind control. To me, being able to analyze - either personally or via a system - people's buttons to an extent where you can just push them is effectively mind control, of a more insidious and less traceable kind.

  29. I'd read a charisma-makes-you-sherlock-holmes book for sure.

  30. I think you are correct but I would live in a relatively low level world with easy access to potions than this new one. A horrifying amount of people are going to die and be hurt to allow other to reach high levels.

  31. What if your low-level world gets consumed by horrors undreampt of, though?

  32. That's actually a pretty neat feature. I know Kindle allows this, but it takes a few presses to get there. Would be cool if it was easier, and I'm not sure if Amazon exposes that info to authors.

  33. Yeah, I actually would not recommend using the similar kindle feature. Amazon doesn't do a *great* job notifying authors, but they *do* penalize authors who get notices

  34. I did not know that! I'll never do that again. I almost never do it but I have a few times before. I'd thought I was helping, not hurting.

  35. Ah, Tapas. Explains why I could not find it on Webtoon (aka Line Webtoon)

  36. How often does this actually happen? I was surprised it was such a popular vote when I can’t think of many stories where it’s the main source of MC’s advantage.

  37. I find it enjoyable because it doesn't require the protagonist to be particularly unrealistic in any way. I'd say any LitRPG where the protagonist gets an assistant character counts into this - System Apocalypse, Noobtown (although the protagonist gets other advantages there as well)

  38. Awesome! Thanks for the great work you're doing for the genre.

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