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  1. I don't see this as incest, I mean Girlcum Tobias didn't find it sexy or anything like that, he seems annoyed.

  2. You shouldn't hate it, you should thank it. Thank you nervous system for allowing me to work n get some money.

  3. Yeah it's a real shame, I had so much fun being yelled at because my team members want to choose my character.

  4. Please don't be dumb Queasy Pepper, some people can get diseases if they didn't get a circumcision.

  5. It is like math it still doesn't make any sence in my mind. Please elaborate.

  6. my daughter's mother is myself, so it's basically asking "I'm Teresa daughter ('s self), who am I?

  7. I loved when black noir said “it’s blackin’ time” and blacked all over soldier boy

  8. Even tho black noir was a mute he was a good character in my opinion. RIP NOIR 😭👍

  9. Isn't brian the character of paul walker in fast n furious?

  10. The fuck type of dog is that? Looks like the lion from wizard of Oz. Poor guy

  11. She wasn't allowed though was she? That was kind of the point she was making

  12. Now change that with a dude, you'll get the creepy teacher starter pack.

  13. Don't get it why this starter got me kinda "happy", dunno perhaps that butt did it.

  14. Maaaaan that scene is sick asf, Homelander all over the place and then Butcher outta nowhere just starts starin at him. The expression on milk man is fantastic "WhUy tHaT dUdE witH bEaRd is loOKing at Me?"

  15. Dunno he kinda looks at him at some point, perhaps I'm trippin, who knows?

  16. I thought this was a sub to help me treat my dementia 👍

  17. What group of people contribute nothing to society, besides boosting Young Thug’s streaming numbers?

  18. Farmers should study OP, cuz DAAAAMN! He's a natural!! "💀"

  19. Can I use this to make my day off feel like 1,000 years?

  20. Imagine workin for 1hour and then you get the 1000 years pill, and then your 8 hour shift would feel like a thousand fkn years. Now you are confused and have dementia thank you technology. 👍

  21. Noooo he lost a golden opportunity!! Imagine if the "one piece" was actually a puzzle thing piece. DAMN!

  22. Wouldn’t they need some thick cushions of fat as well? The sea is chilling cold.

  23. I've dropped my backpack on mud, when I went to get it my pants ripped on the side of my knee. 😁👍

  24. The crossover I never knew I needed

  25. Ong slatt take this L, lmao. Ayo you're bussin no cap, frfr 👍

  26. Better than dead because bald russian Hitler said to sacrifice yourself to some stupid cause

  27. Yeah I watched, and it is really dumb. He could have permanent injuries I believe. 😬

  28. As a teen, I had friends who would “steal” beer this way, but they would leave enough cash on the counter.

  29. We used to get chocolate bars, they never caught us, dumb luck? Who knows.. we were dumb kids anyway xD

  30. Hell yeah! I know something about something. I am the right man for the job!!

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