1. Maybe if we weren't on the brink of getting wiped out before we can destroy u[sic]GA

  2. Save as much as possible. Which made sense when interest rates on savings accounts were 3%+, but not anymore when it's almost 0%. In fact, due to inflation you're losing money at that point.

  3. If you get caught, you can't travel to most countries. Just keep that in mind

  4. Alpine Yodeling. That's what gets people who say "i lIsTeN tO aLl kInDs oF mUsIc". They usually change their tune after they listen to some of that. If that doesn't work, Aleatoric it is

  5. Join the discord and identify yourself as a Merc and together we can eradicate the invasive species

  6. Join the discord and identify yourself as a Merc and together we can beat back the hoards

  7. Nah, they don't care because it isn't election season yet. It's several months too early

  8. Georgia Tech is still alive, but besides that, I'm 24 and this is deep

  9. Interestingly enough, it also contains a hydroxide, making it the base with the lowest pH

  10. The frog-eating surrender monkeys. Is that better?

  11. To end authoritarian brutality, we need more diverse faces; seeing a spectrum of faces stripping you of your rights and killing you makes all of the difference!

  12. That show is 1000% scripted. I can confirm.

  13. That makes me feel better about some of the clips I've seen

  14. This sounds like a sexual harassment lawsuit waiting to happen

  15. Oh I've got a lovely bunch of coconuts

  16. Which options contracts did you buy?

  17. Come join the Georgia Tech Merc side and experience what it means to win

  18. Have you considered Middle Georgia? Specifically Houston County? Even more specifically Kathleen and/or Bonaire?

  19. I've never heard of those towns but I'll check them out- thank you!

  20. It's basically Warner Robins, but unincorporated suburbs of the city, so you get cheap, big, and safe housing without having to pay city taxes

  21. Tuskegee Airmen National Historic Site. I drove 7 hours to get to it. Besides the feeling of being on the site that they trained, driving five minutes from my house to the Museum of Aviation would have been more interesting

  22. That's how my grandmother's toilet is

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