1. Please explain to everyone, how is it Laporta's fault that Messi decided to go elsewhere? Laporta had time indeed, it was Messi who didn't.

  2. Laporta knew Messi wanted to come back, he knew what criteria did Laliga set for the club, and yet when its time for signing him, all he and the club can do is to promise that maybeee we will be able to sell players.. im not surprised Messi didnt want to wait for them, he said he was already tired of this thing

  3. Brother it’s been 2 days since the season finished. The team is in Japan and there’s MONTHS before the window closes. There was no point in jorge Messi doing all this drama. Could have AT LEAST waited till end of month.

  4. Okay yeah i agree Jorge was pushing a bit too hard, maybe they could have waited a bit longer, but in the end it was Messi who decided, so im sure he saw that there was no reason to keep on waiting

  5. Yes, last years announcement was only one days before the sale started, if I remember right.

  6. Omg my nightmare, i hope people will post it on reddit as soon as we have the date, cause i dont wanna miss out

  7. Ohhh okay good then please if noone else posts it, post it at least twice, before the sale starts 😂

  8. Surely a massive surprise name gets added to both Saturdays as the to be announced, both weekends now have the potential. SHM? 👀

  9. Sentio isn't a song, and he doesn't even play every song from Sentio (i think he forgot about Find You for example)

  10. Oh yeah okay maybe 1-2 songs are examples from it, but still he plays almost every track. Although it might change a bit from tml, as he will drop new ids i assume

  11. when he said something like "take out your iphones 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 " Anyone remembers this one? I think it was at tomorrowland 2016, axwell/\ingrosso set. I was listening to the set while studying and this came so unexpected lol

  12. Axwell/\Ingrosso was a under-appreciated golden era of swedish music in general. This two boys put out legendary tracks and a great freakin' album in the shadow of "when is SHM gonna come back". Not only their tracks were insane (in every aspect: melody, arrangement, uniqueness, vibe, vocals and axwells god tier production quality) but also their live performances were amazing. They always delivered and gave the fans everything they wanted when they were performing live. Don't understand me wrong. I love SHM, but A/\I will always have a special place in my heart.

  13. Haha i can understand you, i also loved the A/\I era more, for me their sets were a whole new level 🙌

  14. Yes 6.5% isn't much looking at other things

  15. Wait what dj will play that he has the someone you loved remix? Its still unreleased 😅 Can i also have it?😂

  16. Nah you could book it. Did not come cheap, but you could book it.

  17. Yeah, eating there is a thing on its own...

  18. Lyrics has been slightly changed: you’re MY* shelter in a hurricane, but i think its better, drop is amazing just as expected

  19. Oh yeah true, i love Bonn, honestly best singer for progressive house 🙌🎉

  20. He should have kept the original version, which he played at tomorrowland last year, that was perfect 🎉

  21. Got a feeling that we won’t see the timetable 2-3 weeks prior to the festival. Last year was extremely early than before, but that was due to the extra weekend.

  22. Taking as a reference ...2017, 2018 and 2019, it should be Thursday June 8th 5pm (it was always a Thursday at 5pm). Unfortunately since covid... In 2022, it was Wednesday June 15 at 3 p.m. Just watch your emails and this sub !

  23. I think they will make an Announcement a week in advance. Sometimes it’s a days notice, I can’t remember. But they will notify people in advance.

  24. Everyone who was lucky enough to be there: i hope you enjoyed it, i wish i had a ticket too! ONCE IN A LIFETIME EXPERIENCE!!!

  25. John Newman had a set last Tomorrowland Winter, better than I expected ngl

  26. Wooow what an eagle eye you got!!! Kingdom of melodia was my second fav mainstage so far, i hope its gonna be a similar version this year

  27. its going to be Seb talking about his cable fetishes at every drop, Ax speaking otherworldly sentences like he always does, and Steve mentioning how he does stuff “for the love” and how every Swedish House Mafia fan is his biological family

  28. As a group, a little bit yes. As individuals, no not at all, they still have everything that it takes to create a masterpiece in minutes 🎉

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