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  1. Good ol fashion panic that I am lucid and end up fuckkng it up by going back to regular dreaming

  2. So first, there's no inevitable sleep paralysis, that's a myth that keeps getting perpetuated.

  3. https://youtu.be/SfL1IcFF9I8

  4. Never saw any ufc people when I was training there. I’m blown. Shoulda stayed in Vegas

  5. Currently on week 4 of 500mg per week of test e and my second day of 25 mg of Anavar daily. I definitely feel my strength go up, but I feel like I am getting gassed out walking up the stairs. My cardio during bjj has significantly gone down even though I am training hard often, and still doing cardio. What could be the reason for this? My forearms also burn out very quickly during rolls

  6. That was a big sign of high estro for me. Couldn’t even make it up the stairs without gasping for air. Even during rolls I’d have to mentally push myself to not sit out.

  7. So then would you say time to start taking my A.I.?

  8. Yeah. A.I. Time Definitely, I usually took it when I experienced bad cardio, and body acne. I’m not sure if you just wait for symptoms to pop like I do or you actually regularly check bloods for high estro.

  9. I caught onto this upon quitting a restaurant that just opened up recently, they called me back and said

  10. Has anyone’s skin ever gotten better while blasting? Or is that a myth? Starting my first cycle soon and scared on how my skin may respond.

  11. My acne was all gone within the 12 weeks my dumbass went even further up until a year of 500mg of test e and asin

  12. Or are you saying after 12weeks off of test e is when the acne hit?

  13. Yes after 12 weeks I decided and extended the blast to 1 year. Had I had went on a cruise I would have been way better off in terms of skin.

  14. As of right now those chewy yogurt granola bars. Shit is heroin to my tastebuds.

  15. Started getting acne on my neck(also think I got excess sebum). From just using 500mg of test e and aromasin.

  16. Bro Someone had this as a spray in left 4 dead 2 and the opposing infected had a hilarious reaction to it.

  17. I wonder if they will send samples of other high end niche scents? I’m about to find out!

  18. You can got to the actual store, and they will spray you a decant, never tried emailing them.

  19. Jesus. I hate seeing these creatures as ‘pets’. They are a nocturnal, social animal that has a specific and complex diet.

  20. I 100% agree. Had one of these fellas and was an absolute mess. They shut everywhere. They don’t bond to you at all.

  21. These books are just self masturbation and feel good quotes, at the end of the day they don’t change you’re life.

  22. Would she have a receding hairline because of the stress on the hair follicles

  23. Waist is 25in or 25.5in in the first pic and the 2nd I think it’s 27in.

  24. What was your cycle like bro? How much lifting experience you had before cycle?

  25. Had around 3 or 4 years prior, when COVID hit my physique peeled off from not eating and no gym. Basically had to start all over.

  26. Although I live in Vegas now, I used to like in ashburn va. I heard Blacksburg has a lot of racism there, is that true?

  27. Maybe I’m just being a bitch. I just started my new job at a football stadium and I’m getting a lot of attention from the girls there.

  28. Anyone know how to deal with being a people pleaser in here? Feels like it’s wreaking havoc in my life and idk what to do. Went to therapy for it and it didn’t help. About to quit my job from the abuse I accepted and back to being alone all by myself despite my best efforts. On the path to being broke and miserable too even though my life was set up for me to become successful. Seriously feel so fucked up on the inside right now

  29. Something I realized but is really pessimistic is that you’re lucky if you have only one friend in this life. Everyone else will do absolutely nothing for you

  30. He watched a dude dance on top of an ambulance in the crowd. No one cares if he makes good or bad music here except you.

  31. He’s a blind sheep, he will soon be sacrificed. Remember this is a guy who would get on his knees and beg travis to nut inside his mom.

  32. I know this isn't really what the OP is asking, but I didn't want to make a brand new post.

  33. I will say that each batch of GIT is a bit different. Mine is super green smelling and thicker when you smell it. The sample from saks I got smelled more earthy which I like way more.

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