Atrioc issues apology and says he tries to build a safe environment for women on Twitch and got lured by an AD

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  1. Green means, you can go. You stand on a sidewalk near zebra, waiting for cars to stop. You see a car approaching with green light on. Means you can go, because they are stopping.

  2. You could have just kept the front brake light red. We know that red means braking already.

  3. This is the kind of game that will sell gangbusters regardless of reviews honestly, I couldn't be arsed with the deluxe edition 3 days early stuff, but I'll be there ready and waiting come the 10th.

  4. Yeah if AntMan 3 starts getting strong word of mouth I might watch a YouTube video to catch up on any relevant plot points I'll need from Ms Marvel, She-Hulk, Moon Knight, or Hawkeye. I doubt it will be a long video.

  5. No problem! I often suffer from lack of acronym knowledge!

  6. Meet Your Teacher day before my kiddo started kindergarten and this other parent literally bragged that her kid was completely illiterate, couldn't stand being read to, and she hated reading too.

  7. I know adults who will say "I don't read/I hate reading" as if it's something to be proud of. Really sad.

  8. This is a racing cross. Lightweight and with a wheel.

  9. I didn't want to post any spoilers in the title, last time I tried to post this it was removed for containing spoilers.

  10. Only the really big names and the ones enticed by Game Pass money. Most of them go Sony and/or Nintendo first, then PC (for the West), and Xbox never.

  11. Those first two aren't going to Nintendo either though... You picked two console exclusives. Didn't know about Octopath.

  12. i don't use new reddit, my reddit is still the old reddit without the use of old.reddit and it's because you can literally opt out of new reddit

  13. i personally don't care, i was just letting you know that you don't need to use old.reddit, a lot of people think that you NEED to use old.reddit to be able to use old reddit. i was just giving you the information so you didn't need to use old.reddit just to access old reddit

  14. I don't care about what's in the URL. It doesn't help me in any way. It was useless information.

  15. How is this game on PS5 or Xbox? It stutters constantly on PC and DLSS looks terrible for some reason.

  16. There are still whoring themselves out every single day whether it’s to “strangers” or not

  17. People like you are out there. Scary. I could pass you on the street and never even know.

  18. Oh yes, sorry you had to scroll for context.

  19. It does, thanks! Wild that the things he saw was locked behind a paywall so you know it wasn't a random ad.

  20. Ohhh I thought Quin was apologizing to Atrioc and was like "good lord, why?"

  21. But why did he berate Elsa as having “forgot” the barrel? Why not just send Margot out on the errand without the pretext?

  22. Good question. Don't have an answer to that one. I believe Elsa though when she said "he didn't ask for it". So it was a surprise/not planned. If he was going to have Tyler do it, there would be no reason to withhold that info from his own staff.

  23. All I want is to see a death live but I don't want to watch the whole stream. Such is life.

  24. Even at home, investing in a proper office chair is 100% worth it. Expect to spend $600-$1000 for a new one, half that for a used. A good one last a decade or more. I spent 1k on one at the start of the pandemic and it might be the best purchase I've ever made.

  25. It will be if there's a Supreme sticker on it

  26. As someone who knows nothing about swords, that's a beautiful blade.

  27. Shes 100% worse, her twitter got exposed and its full of hateful slurs and nwords etc

  28. Was it always restricted or is that new? I can't see the tweet OP posted.

  29. Well that looked stunningly generic. I like Dalstmachian a lot but I don't see him carrying this.

  30. David Dalstmachian in a Stephen King movie. Yes, please.

  31. He was the only thing that got me interested in this trailer.

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