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  1. congrats on the crazy effort but you can only work a muscle so much before it can no longer repair in a way that increases strength, try and do less pushups with more weight. oh and the 2 min rest thing is completely made up

  2. Yeah if i end up needing to ill take a rest day or two. And the two minute is just a general time of how much im resting, its a more or less kinda thing.

  3. sorry putin but im actually exempt from the draft, im getting absolutely fuckin shredded rn

  4. Hi guys welcome to my infinite money glitch tutorial, here's how it works:

  5. Does it cause them to walk to the spot and then freeze? Or do they freeze as soon as they spawn in? Making them impossible to kill from that spot

  6. they will walk to the boarded windows/doors and break them but go no further unless you exit the spot

  7. How to get on the spot on nuketown? Also does that mean I can just afk waves

  8. I'd love to repost this but I no longer have a roommate and my boyfriend broke up with me, so I haven't been kissing any boys as of late. 😔

  9. sorry baby, hightower is just inferior 🤓😖😍🤪😩😋😭🧐😏😠🤗😍

  10. “Oh my god; look at what the sky is doing! it’s beautiful and inspiring, like a divine mandala inscribed in the heavens with light… What should we call it?”

  11. idk man ive had my 1st gen SE phone since it was released and have only chipped the corner of my screen protector once and my charging cable is totally fine

  12. As for the original four, Bill's "namvet," Francis is "biker," Louis is "manager," and Zoey is "teenangst."

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