1. vj88 says:

    Nothing I wasn’t going to buy at full price

  2. Let me know if this guy falls through. I will grab it if they don't.

  3. I should clarify, I only want to sell, not buy

  4. How strange! Everywhere I go I always find the "ASIO Surveillance Unit" following me!

  5. My phone's hotspot is named "ASIO Surveillance Van #D9".

  6. Fun facts: in a house where 3/3 people have some kind of IBD, it's weird how common and normal poop discussion is.

  7. Is the work info you are waiting for also poop related?

  8. motorway heading towards gateway bridge then cops blocking off brownsplains motorway area and then 3 undercover patrols at logonwmy eastbound truck bp

  9. Sounds like somebody is paying a lot of money to set up a situation that is none of your business

  10. Fire fighting training mock-up. There's one across from Amberley airbase as well that you can see up close if that's of interest.

  11. Does anyone else find the Irwin family a bit... weird? Like no disrespect at all but they just seem so animated when they talk, like they're reading off a script?

  12. Their entire life and business and therefore livelihood are centred around two things. Their conservation endeavours and their zoo.

  13. 😡 I've asked my wife's husband to fix it but he didn't know how

  14. C'Mon, I do know how to fix it, I just don't WANT to fix it.

  15. But then you're putting money in Tania's pocket. Can you live with that?

  16. I had a wonderful night planned with friends, and one freaked out and flipped his shit after an escape room and this led to everyone going their separate ways.

  17. Getting drunk and watching Star Trek, whilst developing RSI from my Tinder adventures.

  18. Ahh Classic infantilisation. Very telling of who you are as a person. Not surprised. :)

  19. I'll start the bidding at $3.50 for the both of them.

  20. I don't know about sheds, but I have seen a few rowing boats.

  21. Is recognised qualifications in meditation a thing?

  22. I don't know whether to be disappointed or impressed by this.

  23. Judging from the crowd, a little from column A, and a little from column b.

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