Better Call Saul S06E13 - [Series Finale] "Saul Gone" - LIVE-Episode Discussion Thread

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  1. I'm not saying from some moral standpoint, just that it's written in the rules that they can refuse fares for any nebulous 'good reason'. Unless you can find anymore info on it it sounds like this gives them leeway to turn down whoever they want.

  2. The wording of the actual law is that they must have a 'reasonable excuse' to refuse a fare. You'd have to look into the court's interpretations of this language but I believe it really only applies to drunk or unruly passengers who are likely to be disruptive.

  3. But realistically who is going to prosecute this and how would they have any proof? I'm genuinely curious but reckon of what little I know about the cps atm that it's unlikely and that that gives cabbies all the leeway they need. Thanks for digging up the law it's really interesting.

  4. Where exactly in Maryland do you live? I live in Gaithersburg, and while the last six days have been below average, for the month we're still quite normal.

  5. But over a month until the technical fall. So not very late summer

  6. 'Technical fall' isn't a thing. There's Astronomical Fall, which begins on September 21, and Meteorological Fall, which begins Sept 1.

  7. TFL route planner says £2.10 off peak and £3.35 on-peak if by tube, £1.65 by bus (any time).

  8. It's a nice small town with some interesting history, and Poolesville Day is fun. That said, it does lack a grocery store. Perhaps Aldi or Lidl should look into opening a location. I think they could do well there.

  9. And a long series at that. 21 books, which would provide material for loads of movies.

  10. I need to try shopping there more. What’s Aldi best for? I’ve got one Roomate and I’m 26.. love to cook.

  11. Aldi sells a large number of store-branded products that are often comparable to name-brand products in quality and taste, but at a much lower price. Some of the store-branded products are actually made by the big name-brand companies. They also sell some name-brand products.

  12. Personally, I wouldn't ride that. You're just asking for a blowout, and that can be catastrophic, especially on a front tire.

  13. That looks like a major issue to me. I certainly wouldn't accept that as a final result, and I'd be surprised that your orthodontist would be satisfied with that.

  14. Thank you for your reply!! What would you say to your ortho in my position?

  15. Show the orthodontist the issue you've described above - that your molars aren't meeting properly in the back. When it comes to teeth, the bite is the most important thing, and if your molars don't meet properly it will cause premature tooth wear.

  16. Albania is cheap but for a reason. Tourism is undeveloped, disorganized and woefully lacking in infrastructure. It’s good enough if want to go to Greece, Spain or southern Italy but can’t afford it. It’s probably what those destinations were like 70 years ago. Go there only if the spectacular Mediterranean beaches are important to you, but you have a very limited budget. On second thought, don’t. Go to Turkey or something.

  17. I visited Albania in 2010 and enjoyed my visit. Like you've said, infrastructure was underdeveloped and there weren't many international tourists - which was nice. Traveling between cities via furgons was an experience in itself. I didn't have any problems finding people who spoke English, though.

  18. I feel like they're front-loading them so they can do a long uninterrupted stretch at the end.

  19. I would guess somewhere in Northern Italy, but the two guys speaking might as well be tourist in some German country from which the Christsmas Market tradition got borrowed.

  20. All MCPL branches have Covid test kits and masks, with the exception of the Potomac and Noyes locations.

  21. That's on the low to medium side of hilly. In my hood a 30m ride would involve about 5000ft of climbing.

  22. So you would consider a century with 16,700 feet of climbing to be 'low to medium' hilly?

  23. A century is 100m so that would be 3x 5000ft. OP did a 30m ride and 1700ft so a century would be 3x 1700ft or 5100ft if we extrapolated.

  24. Or to put it another way, 1718ft/30 miles = 57.3 feet per mile, or 5730 feet over a century.

  25. This area is in unincorporated Montgomery County outside of the Gaithersburg city limits. It's not in the City of Rockville, either, but has a Rockville mailing address.

  26. That must have been terribly awful for that lady. OTOH, if she was the only one who was raped that day in France (there must be a reason why the Guardian writes about it), then France is a safer place than I thought.

  27. The article appears on the website for the U.S. and International version of the Guardian, but not the U.K. Guardian, presumably to appeal to American readers.

  28. I had to squeeze through one of those in Ireland before catching a bus. It’s hard when you’re somewhere foreign and don’t know the change or have change. I was just going to act dumb when caught or say ‘no parle anglais.’

  29. In what backwards country do you have to pay to take a shit? I've never seen anything like this before

  30. I'm surprised... Flights are, what, 2-3k USD? I didn't think this was normal, so avoided Europe this summer.

  31. Flights are expensive, the price of accomodation and food has risen and yet people travel and vacation like crazy. When I say this in economic subreddits I get downvoted because it doesn't track with the "OMG we're in a recession, HUGE COLLAPSE INCOMING!!" take. Now look, I can understand that things might not always hold up, but as of right now, people are still spending a lot of money which is a good thing.

  32. Partly it's because the middle class and the wealthy weren't spending money during Covid. They weren't traveling, or going to restaurants, bars, shows, etc, and that money just went into savings. Now they have money to spend and are making up for lost time.

  33. Nowhere near that. If you book in advance, tickets are around $500-600. Right now you can book a roundtrip ticket for October from New York to Rome for about $520-550. Washington, D.C to Rome during the same time period is $520-600.

  34. What a bummer. I guess they'll be without eggs until next year's harvest!

  35. Oh hey it looks like you live in Poolesville. Happy to share one solution: support a bridge connection between Maryland and Virginia in Poolesville. That would provide another much viable artery and alleviate 495. Another solution? Support the opening of Whites Ferry and support additional ferry routes. Montgomery County, unfortunately, has not been willing to support those solutions.

  36. Except he's said that he sometimes commutes into D.C., and a new bridge across the river wouldn't result in a quicker commute between Poolesville and D.C.

  37. "Brutal"? This summer's been tame. You new here?

  38. I live in Gaithersburg. If you go by the numbers, June was about average, and had 15 days with high temps below average, 13 above average days, and 2 days with average high temps.

  39. Anecdotal, but yesterday I noticed more people wearing masks at Trader Joe's than before. Usually people are mask-free, so this stood out to me a bit.

  40. Out of curiosity, how many times did you test, and for how many days after your symptoms started?

  41. Currently at home with Covid, and it took days for the rapid tests to detect it even after five days of symptoms. I had a sore throat on Tuesday that got worse over a few days and developed into a headache, fever, and chills. The rapid test only came back positive on Sunday, and I still have the bad symptoms right now. Strangely, the CDC guidance says since my symptoms started five days ago, according to their guidelines I'm free to go out and about as long as I wear a mask. Seems asinine to me though considering I'm still coughing up a storm and my nose is running like crazy.

  42. Have you tried an iced coffee without ice? Unless you plan to chug the whole thing within 5 minutes it gets disgusting and warm and undrinkable without ice

  43. So sorry you had to listen to some other groups music for 30 seconds as you briefly crossed paths

  44. I've encountered this while riding my bike on a trail or path somewhere remote, like a trail in the woods or along a river, and somebody will roll by with music blaring from speakers on their bike.

  45. I guess, so, maybe. We don't really have bears here, except every few years or so, one will be spotted in the county.

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