1. Only time I have really executed people was for roleplat purposes, and only in one game

  2. I'm at 145 and haven't had a single death, so yeah must be very very small

  3. I just try to remain realistic based on what I know from history. I tend to be more friendly/generous with those of my own kingdom, then race. I also read into the backgrounds and biographies of each player and kingdom that I deal with so I know how my character SHOULD deal with them. Like, if I arrive at a city and the town recently held my liege lord captive, then logically i wouldnt take too kindly to them. So naturally i try to gauge them on prices and deplete their stockpiles as much as I can. In my own towns/kingdom, i try to make sure stuff is evenly spread out for maximum stability.


  5. I used to do this a lot before but I don't remember the exact code. Check the wiki

  6. I've checked the wiki but the images just don't show, but the slots for the races do.

  7. Okay, so you started as Ethiopia? Because if yes, you're gonna do it again, this time starting as a somali nation (Adal or Ajuraan).

  8. Yes I did, but I checked the files and there is no limitation on what nation you start as...

  9. I think the reason they made it like that is to embody Instrumentality

  10. They don't, they are coded to pretend they have it but they aren't very good at this sometimes. I'm not sure specifically why it's coded this way, I imagine there could be a perfomance issue with calculating every tag's fow all the time

  11. What do they mean by spaghetti code?

  12. Usually spaghetti code is referring to code that is really disorganization and confusing (potentially if done really bad and depending on what it is, it can lead to bad performance and or things happening you don't want that you can't fix), which as a modder I have seen my fair share inside the game files

  13. It's -1000, but it's academic at that point given overall relations are bound between -200 and +200.

  14. R5: So I was very close to completing the main Swedish missions. So close that I disregarded AE and annexed Denmark, then Wolgast, then Mecklenberg, then Lubeck and Dithsmarchen, and some others. During the league war (used to dissolve my Coalition, not that it would ever fire), I annexed as much land as I could be bothered to do

  15. 🎵 "Has man gone insane? A few will remain..." 🎶

  16. If you aren't being sarcastic, can you explain why you think this? I watched a video on the subject but most of the evidence seemed shakey and really only stood when you took out the whole Angel mind probing part

  17. How do you deal with the lack of adm points to core those provinces? I have wanted to try rapid blobbing for once but adm points are always a big problem

  18. Rapid blobbling really begins in 1650, where you can max out absolutism for admin efficiency and coring...something, and in around 1675 the imperialism cbs. As Italy I could annex about a full region in one war from the Ottomans (and by this point AE doesn't really matter)

  19. I usually just go with the classic mountain forts, capital forts, hills, and highlands until I am ridiculously rich, and then I just construct a wall

  20. After knowing him for a month at most, Asuka develops a lifelong crush on Shinji. 14 years later (99% of which Shinji spent not existing), he suddenly says it is (or was) mutual, doesn't elaborate or let her respond and leaves her. It's not much to talk about.

  21. Assuming the time between angels remains consistent from the series and manga, and iirc the manga and or the series says that between the 3rd and 4th angel is about 3 weeks, and using that as an average, then 7 angels x 3 weeks is about 5 months from the first rebuild to the end of the second, remove 4 angels makes it 4 x 3 makes it 3 months.

  22. One, we cannot see if she actually loses her eye, or if she is holding it due to the pain and her sync with the eva, and that also goes for the ending, considering her body is intact she probably either never lost her eye or it comes back.

  23. When he dissolved into LCL after the toilet angel (csnt remember name or number sorry)

  24. Not exactly, but it has its own version of Angels, in which (spoilers) SEELE sends viruses and the three children go into VR and try and destroy them.

  25. Though it should be noted that the manga is it's own continuity, and Mari's appearance in it was more of an "Easter Egg" than anything else.

  26. Yeah, since its the bonus chapter and as far as I am aware was probably only made to promote the Rebuild films (3.0 I think release within a year of the final volume)

  27. Yes, I found that thread much later, but it is what I want. Thanks for posting the link though, else I would have forgotten.

  28. We don't know how time converts from inside to outside the instrumentality

  29. Yes we didn't see Asuka in 1.0, but if Rei and Shinji (who started piloting the Eva after Asuka) are wearing the same plugsuits as NGE it's easy to assume that Asuka also wore the same one, when she appeared in 2.0 Rei's plugsuits and Shinji were also new to the Rebuilds.

  30. Actually, in the flashbacks during the end of Thrice, she is wearing a different plugsuit, similar to Mari's original, and so its more probable that she used that until the events of 2.0, rather than the original NGE suit.

  31. I'm surprised the dude arguing with you didn't catch that

  32. To be fair, its a very quick scene, so much so that I don't think I noticed it on my first watch (or at least the details I guess).

  33. While its clearly a way to hide Shinji's junk, if you want to overcomplicate things than maybe since all the Evangelions have the souls of the pilots mother, and thats intended by design, that the evangelions were built to be more female in design (Unit 01 I think fits this the most considering its slimmer middle and then more bulky chest), and so Shinji's seat belt console thing is to help him link better (remember he also has stuff on his chest for his plugsuit) while also protecting his junk which is more external if he gets hit there like some other comments say.

  34. Did not expect to see an Evangelion reference in the From the Depths reddit Espeically after I just watched it lol

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