1. Do you paste the messages in a cool font generator site every time 💀

  2. 3 times, way back in hs, 2900, mad, candy

  3. v2 and v3 dont have molly hellcat and rip yams

  4. Fr, only people ive seen saying “new gen” are mfs on tiktok

  5. They just haven’t aged that well lol. And besides, i’ve listened to magnolia and wokeuplikethis for 5 whole years. It gets stale, they are still good songs, but after 5 years you wanna listen to some new shit.

  6. he put some crazy mugshots on a t shirt it’s not that deep bro

  7. rip fredo. legendary Pi'erre beat and nudy feature. nothing beats that

  8. yeat fans think yeat the only artist that exists

  9. Yea the way he used his voice was better then, when he would switch from low to high pitch and do crazier vocal inflections. A lot of the beats on no stylist coulda been better too

  10. The beats on no stylist was hard wym? turninup and some of the guitar beats were fye asf

  11. The cia... they inject lsd inside my veins every 12 hours... so the trip never ends

  12. Exactly, was one of cartis most popular leaks before it officially released, still goes hard

  13. nah 2019 has molly, neon, red on red, cake, rip yams, tattoo, woah, piru, asthma, buffy the body, cancun, cant relate, did it again, hellcat, a lot on my mind, no feel, no lie, arm & leg....

  14. Swear people be forgetting ab v1, cartis best era imo

  15. i feel like carti has better chemistry with the newer producers he got like art dealer or filthy. but yeah, that would be cool to have another plugg song

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