1. Not meant to be offensive towards america but this made me clear how lucky i am to live in a country where the chance of such a horrible event is very low.

  2. It’s more about punishing the parents than the students. Because these students getting OSS, their parents don’t want them at home so dump them on us for a few hours.

  3. We don’t get hung up on things like other people. The officers were held accountable and it’s done and over with. People just like to keep things going when there is no need to. It’s really cringe seeing stuff drag on, especially when someone’s death is used for a vehicle for others actions. A man getting killed in one state shouldn’t be the green light to cause problems in other states.

  4. In America today there are very few instances of legitimate police brutality. If it occurs, address it properly. It’s not a difficult mindset to have. But base it on the legal guidelines, not the feelings of people who don’t even understand the law. That’s not a good solution.

  5. Lame, yes. But endlessly more entertaining than today’s highly produced schlock.

  6. Call me a Boomer (I’m not), but I love how in the moment they were.

  7. What’s your plan when they say fuck off I’m not sitting by him?

  8. Seriously. But I have two theories on why this shot keeps happening:

  9. PS: no such thing as a "British accent" there's scottish, english, welsh and irish

  10. I can give a different, somewhat equivalent lens with my experience in Military Bands, specifically the Aggie Band.

  11. What does being black have to do with any of that 😐

  12. We have much much more varied and creative cuss.

  13. Definitely. I feel like the person doing that shit is buddy-buddy with the mod(s).

  14. I could have gone my whole life without seeing this… I should’ve listened to my conscience and swiped. I hate my curious mind sometimes…

  15. Which case was this? I swear I haven't heard of it and never seen such a quick act in so long.

  16. Could you possibly provide a little more context? 南北 by itself literally means north and south, or from north to south (in terms of distance).

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