1. Lightning charges at 150kwh peak charging. That's basically obsolete technology at this point since Tesla has had 250kwh charging since 2018 or 19. Basically Ford is incapable of building a good battery pack therefore their charging speeds suck. That's what people mean when they say Tesla is years ahead of the competition. The vast majority of vehicles that charge as fast as a Tesla are significantly more expensive than a Tesla.

  2. The theory is it’s software locked based on an agreement with the manufacturer to protect the life of the battery. They allegedly could do 250kW with an OTA update, but I’m too much of a moron to know how to validate that

  3. XRT is an ETF that contains GameStop, it was heavily shorted and FTDd. Because it FTD'd so hard, it got put on RegSHO which prevents some forms of shorts while on the list. Borrowers cash settle with XRT (meaning they give XRT the cash value for the short to close their obligation rather than buying back a share), which forces XRT to then go buy the actual shares that make up the basket themselves.

  4. I'm wondering if maybe there was a leak of the earnings results. It ought to be completed by now. Maybe some cog in the wheel wasn't able to keep their trap shut.

  5. No, this is mechanical with XRT. Goes back to the days of tracking data for cyclical movements, but because that causes price movement speculation (and therefore conversations on options), that type of information is generally shunned here.

  6. Not seeing markups. Bought for sticker minus 7500 in Ford cash on the Lariat.

  7. Exact same experience here (ordered 2, didn't buy my first one also, ha). It seems if you're in a higher demand area for a truck (like the south), you can expect to pay sticker minus incentives. If in a lesser demand area, you can probably negotiate a few additional grand off. As we get to the end of the year, dealerships will start leaning in more to additional discounts to push for their annual numbers.

  8. Yup, 500 miles and megawatt charging are my hard lines. If it’s not in gen 1, happy to wait.

  9. Besides Elon and the lead CT engineer standing on stage and saying as much?

  10. I’m just happy my water only understands spanish

  11. Thank you for the encouragement! I luckily was able to negotiate up without risking the offer, and I did use your advice of being positive and explaining my excitement about the team.

  12. That’s fantastic! I hope it all works out - well done on the negotiations in any case!

  13. S6 just got a fantastic rework, use them for their nodes. As far as the other traits. Use the highest possible characters you have

  14. Ya, I just used S6 all the way through when they were just a sacrifice team for Knowhere on the last node last time. They did great!


  16. The only moment I found remotely funny was the axe slowly moving into shot like a jealous gf

  17. [screaming goats repeat for infinity] IS IT FUNNY YET

  18. I thought Norvell got outcoached by Napier. UF anticipated the safe calls and nearly picked off 2 screen passes.

  19. The drops, man…was tough seeing our usually-heroic receivers just have no hands in the game.

  20. Ha! It just happened to me today as I was exiting off 110 heading to the Palafox Market and me and my wife were confused as hell. It’s not us!

  21. I admit to fully cheesing Ayre. Any tank leg, double mini gun and double stun needle or double song birds. Mini guns can usually tear her shield in one clip then shoulders and kicks, or you can alternate stun needle until shield is dead then melt hp with minis

  22. Wild this is the highest comment on it. Just ridiculous fun.

  23. I just got 4.99% for 36 mo with gulf winds earlier this week, but most rates they pulled up were 8%+. Finance manager said some people are paying 20%+ on sub $20K vehicles. Insanity.

  24. Is there even a 3.5mm to Bluetooth dongle adapter? Do you have a link?

  25. Exactly!!! Even LCOL areas if you have a nice house it's still a lot of money.

  26. My friend circle has a few paper millionaires in a LCOL…definitely nice houses (3500ish sq ft on half acres) and nice stuff. They don’t have to stress over bills, but it’s definitely not “rich”. Upper middle class would be fair.

  27. Ya, I don’t know that I’d go that far back, but at least for the last few years Black Friday is just any other sale week with heavier marketing. Feels like majority of companies are treating 30% off and less as their blow out sales when 50% minimum was the consumer expectation.

  28. Actually data suggest that couples with joint bank accounts have more successful marriages. You could argue that's a form of communication since it breaks down more barriers.

  29. Wife and I have were high school sweethearts and have exclusively had a joint bank account since we were about 20 (now mid 30s with young kids). We always viewed it as OUR finances, and I don’t see how we could have meaningfully made some financial decisions that we made if there was any defensiveness over “MY” money. That just seems like a friction filled mess over equitable contributions, lots of opportunities for jealousy over things one may be able to buy themselves versus the other, etc.

  30. They said the deal accounts for a little over $900 in increased costs per unit

  31. If you're using a coral generator, those have a much longer recharge time, but I believe it is more beneficial to deplete them before waiting to recharge rather than attempting to recharge partially through.

  32. Can you define “forever”? 5-6 seconds? More?

  33. If only Florida's shenanigans had been wildly publicized and satirized across popular culture!

  34. It’s just investing premiums immediately into the underlying.

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