The new S-4 filing - Change of terms (and my comments/conclusion)

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  1. “If only the secrets of the market were made available to me”

  2. It's a wild chain of logic that if businesses are hiring they must not feel enough financial pain yet in interest rates.

  3. You should get 1 carry on and 1 checked bag included in your ticket purchase.

  4. Putting backpack/purse in the overhead bin is immediate ejection from the plane and jail time (obviously only if you have a seat area in front of your seat).

  5. I have really long legs. I intentionally bring only a smaller carry on (backpack) so that i can put it in the overhead, otherwise my legs are more cramped than usual.

  6. Yours is not a common challenge, there are much more offenders than who would have that as an excuse. That said, I’m 6’3”; I slide my feet under my bag and it’s all the same.

  7. Correct, your position and G/L are unrealized. The tax implication happens when the position is closed and the G/L is realized.

  8. I didn’t care for the season overall. It feels like they’ve been trying to add emotional weight to the characters, maybe since Mac’s Dance Scene episode in S13 (which I thought was one of the most beautiful pieces of TV ever). Perhaps trying to capture the magic of that story arc for each character.

  9. The whole point of the comment is selling options can be a great path to raising and deploying additional capital with risk-averse strategies while protecting your initial investment.

  10. As a reminder, FTDs do not get summed. FTDs on each day are a rolling total of FTDs as of that day.

  11. I understand options and will argue the pro options view/degree it is pushed is a type of FUD.

  12. I think there's a push to understand and educate on options and why they aren't temptations of the devil SHFs, but I've only ever seen pro-options sentiment be caveated with some form of "if you don't know what you're doing with options, don't have the capital to risk, or the time to manage your positions, stay away from options or you will lose your ass".

  13. While I agree often there is the caveat of "don't play with options if you don't understand them" what I am saying is the frequency of pro options in the post is a type of FUD. If flooding a sub with purple rings is FUD, so should pro options post that are posted daily.

  14. Generally, I agree with your sentiment here and want to say I really appreciate your willingness to invite a level-headed conversation.

  15. Typical characteristics are not the same as a definition. In fact, there is no one universal standard definition, but most brokers define a penny stock as sub-$5.

  16. Yeah -- I was afraid of that-- dang it!

  17. I think this is oversimplified. The benefit of selling a CC on after a large move up is that you have less (not no) risk of a sustained move up, allowing you to sell a CC at an even higher strike to either capture premium in a less-risky strike or greater value of the underlying in case you go ITM/get assigned.

  18. Florida👐.. little overcast to start the day but should clear up shortly

  19. FL gang gang, not quite that nice here though! Upper 60s, good for tossing a football in some shorts 🏈

  20. ZCS says:

    What about bottom secret

  21. Don’t even need to graph. You can just look at the theta value 5 dte, 30dte, 90dte, etc and see it is larger at nearer dte.

  22. Yes, but at what precise day does it increase by the most? That is the question

  23. 0DTE. Rate of change in theta accelerates closer to expiration. Pick a security, choose a strike, and record its theta value for each expiration date over the next 26 weeks. That’s should give you the visualization you’re looking for. Heck, I might do it myself on Friday.

  24. I’m worried about the stainless steel holding up over time. I’m on the gulf coast, so salty air and humidity are constant.

  25. It can depend on the exact formulation of the stainless of course. However, my last sailboat had 25 year old stainless fittings and winches that were still holding up just fine. The fact that a "stainless steel" chain on the anchor didn't hold up as well might have been an inferior formulation, but it might have also been all the abuse. Either way, I feel like if you don't make a regular habit out of the "amphibous" mode, you are probably good!

  26. This calms me about this - thank you!

  27. The short term rates are higher than the long term rates, which is bad. It means there's a problem, as normally longer timeframes = higher rates and the current situation is an "inversion" of rates that's the opposite. What that problem is is currently uncertain. Usually, it means that people are uncertain about the economy in the near term, and inversions like these have preceded basically every notable recession.

  28. Important to note while each recession has had bond inversions as a preceding signal, not every “inversion event” has resulted in a recession

  29. Comparing to Kohl’s: their trailing twelve month (TTM) sales are $19 billion with a profit of $700 million. And Kohl’s 2021 full year sales were 21% higher than 2020.

  30. Sucks being downvoted for simply posting facts, not even giving an opinion added on. Everyone is so focused on debt clearing but the cash burn is absolutely atrocious in BBBY, and given the ATM at ridiculously low share prices, it doesn’t seem like they expect profitability in the near term.

  31. GME was a 250 million market cap company that did exactly that. It all depends on how many short positions were opened.

  32. A situation that came out of left field with a mind blowing amount of retail influence and no buyout agreement possibly looming. Vastly different circumstances in combination with an environment where institutions are likely much better positioned/prepared.

  33. The company is not getting bought out at a low share value. The value is only as low as it is because of the short positions. So it's in the companies best interest to force the short sellers to close. It makes no sense to make deals based off a highly shorted share price.

  34. The company won’t list its sale based on a squeeze price, and a buyer won’t buy it for a squeeze price that hasn’t been realized and has no intrinsic future value for the business. A short squeeze is not in any sort of interest for BBBY in regards to a private sale; it would only be of interest for an ATM offering (which would be a completely different context to these comments).

  35. It’s not a secret signal. The DD is done, there’s a community of people who are on top of things, and these people want to move on with their time and energy.

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