1. I usually listen while I am working out. Idk why lol

  2. That moment when you re-type the question into Google & find the entire work sheet answer key

  3. That quizlet page gets me more aroused than anything else I can search up on google

  4. Screen culture gets me every time with those google posts I swear. Am I not supposed to have what I want?

  5. Can’t believe they made a Green Day inspired game for kids

  6. Jeez good eye. I just saw that movie a few days ago and did not even think of that lol

  7. Doesn’t work for me. They’re all clearly supposed to be animated, but they’re each stuck on a random frame

  8. Dude I just got done listening to the whole thing. 11/10 I love it. I absolutely love the original album/movie and your version is near perfect!! I actually burned some CDs/made some artwork and I’m gonna give my dad your version for Christmas! He has been a mega fan of this album ever since it came out. Fantastic work again!

  9. Awesome collection! Are you planning on buying any bootlegs?

  10. yea most def bro pretty much anything w mike name on it that I can get my hands on I’d buy hahaha, u should see my Em collection too i got heaps of stuff of him as well !!! my two favorite artists of all time

  11. I love that song. Definitely one of my favorites on Insomniac

  12. Honestly, what excellent character introductions

  13. Goodbye Blue Sky by Pink Floyd. I’m on a rock kick lol

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