1. All the times I could find someone showing up or doing something on camera. Sometimes they walk away for 20-30 seconds then come back so I didn't mark each time in those instances.

  2. Someone's position was dissolved and one thing led to another...

  3. Haven’t been to Seattle in a min, huh! A shitty deli sandwich is now $16 and a room would be at least $900 in a shared space. Avg 1 bedroom is now 2.3k/month. Wheeeeeee

  4. It's super cool, and you can be really cheap and actually pitch tents or hammock on the main deck of the boat!

  5. Nothing about that ferry will be really cheap, even if you plan to pitch a tent!

  6. I'm not familiar with twitch, does that mean he streamed for over 4 days straight?

  7. Yes. He slept for several hours each day with a webcam on him sleeping while a VOD played on the feed, but yeah, his stream was live for almost 5 straight days. The VODs on Twitch are broken into one thats 44 hours, one thats 42.25 hours, and one at 29.5 hours.

  8. Gmods official video slot has been "dissolved." This game will no longer be a "full time" feature but will still show up in the schedule as much as it can..

  9. Hey I'll try and stream it to you while I watch it I have a vip ticket, I can maybe discord screen share

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