1. Yeah gotta agree that autism isn't talked a lot on the channel. And when it is, for example when someone interviewed has autism, it isn't explained.

  2. alright I'll try to answer your questions as best as i can.

  3. Well honestly I think it really depends on the culture as well. I live in Belgium and if I (21F) would have received some chocolate from a guy I didn't know that well and with whom it is not completely clear that it is platonic, I would ask myself questions.

  4. I feel the exact same way about my birthday. Not a ton of friends or people going out of their way to make my birthday nice. Grew up not having a lot of money to do normal birthday things/receive gifts. However, somehow, I still think every year that it will maybe be different which results in a similar ease of crying like you mentioned. I’m realizing for myself we just have to make our own birthdays if we want to make sure things go well enough to satisfy our expectations. I don’t imagine it’ll be easy for me but I know I can enjoy myself if I plan and do certain things. I still want that classic birthday celebration from friends and family but I just don’t have people like that in my life right now that will go out of their way to do things like surprises and getting people together and gifts and stuff. I just hope that someday someone prioritizes me in that way. Like you see those TikTok’s of gfs or bfs giving their partner the birthday surprise or gift to “heal their inner child,” I hope someone could do that for me someday

  5. yeah, what made me write this post was also the fact that I got invited to a sleepover the day after my birthday by some friends. They are very nice but I have only recently met most of them. Only one of them is a friend I've known for while. I know for a fact they don't remember my birthday tho. And it makes sense. But somehow I still got my hopes up that maybe there will be some cake or something.

  6. Invite the most closest friend you got, if they cannot attend to your party for some reason then be open minded and respect that reason. Personally I hate birthday parties for my birthday what I do if I want to make plans for my bday, I ask one of my closest friend if I can go to there place and have a drink to celebrate my bday and then from there we will try to contact some mutual friends to go out or something. Happy birthday bro!

  7. thank you for your advice! it does seem like contacting one close friend would be easier

  8. If she isn’t bisexual I think it would be best to remain friends don’t test her or come onto her you may regret it after the friendship ends

  9. I (21f) struggle witht the same problem and have recently decided to really practice my social and communication skills too.

  10. It might be a mix of the two reasons. It's hard to tell as you don't say much on your social skills. But as I've met someone with asperger syndrome recently and tried to make friends with that person, I can tell you that he hurt me on multiple occasions. And talking to him about it, I understand it was not intentional but as it is repetitive, I cannot see myself getting close to that person anymore (as what he says and does is triggering for me).

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