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  1. …But he’s going for a bodega in the picture lol

  2. While there's always an implied scale, colonies 6 and 9 are the only ones left. In chapter 3 Shulk says "Colony 6...The only other Homs colony left." It doesn't get anymore explicit than that

  3. Yes, but that means the other numbered colonies existed at one point. They were regions occupying physical areas. Their ruins probably remain unless they were somehow completely wiped off the Bionis without a trace left behind. That’s the point here, not whether or not they still exist.

  4. vandal users when their first shot misses entirely because it's smoothbore and nails the neighbors dog

  5. “TALLY HO LADS!” I scream over comms as I charge in and blast a guy with a shorty

  6. NWH was peak entertainment ngl. Not well-written, not exceptional as far as movies go, but goddamn if that wasn’t the most entertaining movie I have seen in a long time.

  7. NWH’s biggest problem is it’s multiverse plotholes. The writing is actually pretty strong when it comes to character work.

  8. The enemy team stops fighting and gathers around Cypher to watch him finish setting up

  9. That’s not Shulk, that’s his second cousin twice-removed, Shluck. Shulk was busy working with Monolith Software in preparation for Xenoblade Chronicles: Definitive Edition

  10. Didn’t trump say if we could get Clorox into our bodies it would kill virus? Facts don’t mean anything to these people. They will believe what they want to believe.

  11. Trump was talking about hydroxychloroquine, an anti-malarial drug. Ironic how you say facts don’t matter to us when you’re repeating literal lies.

  12. I reckon it will be a selectable costume to use once you beat the game, just like in Re2Remake with the other leon outfits

  13. I wonder how they’ll make it work with the tactical vest, if that item returns.

  14. It’s very satisfying watching people like AOC throw tantrums over paying $8.

  15. I don't like your energy anymore.

  16. Is your name Vergil? Because clearly you need more Power.

  17. They did. Congratulations, you’ve been gaslit. Biden for instance said the vaccines would grant immunity in July last year, but that was a fucking lie.

  18. I truly feel sorry for people like you that actually believe this stuff. Religion is a disease that has mentally crippled to many unfortunate victims. Maybe in the next 40 years you'll be able to see how meaningless your fantasy novel is

  19. switch games run well on PC ? I tried WII U a while back and it was a massive pain in the butt and ran poorly

  20. Unironically the best way to play Smash Ultimate online might be emulating the game on PC. It works pretty well.

  21. Nah, I’m not disciplined enough for that. Otherwise I wouldn’t be wasting time on a meme subreddit instead of getting ready for an exam tomorrow.

  22. I think it’s a duopod? Idk since it only has two legs?

  23. If you sucked your own dick and nutted in your own mouth, you don't lose NNN. That's because your cum is technically Still your body hence preserving NNN.

  24. But the whole point of NNN is not to nut. If you nut, you lose regardless whether it leaves the body or not

  25. Don’t forget to roll those sleeves up just below your elbow

  26. OP did not win, therefore Luigi would have not won by doing absolutely nothing.

  27. OP said his opponent was kicked from the arena, which presumably caused this glitch. Who else could he be playing?

  28. I’d probably go as Sonic since I have a handy Sonic hat lying around

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