1. I actually think that these photos conclude that she is NOT a bright spring! LOL 😂 She looks dreadful in black without makeup unlike a bright spring would and looks fairly harmonious in soft and muted tones in picture 3 unlike a bright spring ever would and too warm hair colors seem to dull her beauty, not to enhance it.

  2. Ive been wondering if I’m really a light spring, I have low contrast in general (golden blonde naturally, blue eyes, yellowish fair skin, overtones similar to Amanda seyfried but my eyes are lighter and bright irl) but I think I look not too bad in black. I mean it obviously isn’t the most harmonious but it makes my eyes pop and I feel pretty in it even after discovering colour analysis and now that I wear mainly aqua shades, corals, etc. Can it be that I’m bright spring then?

  3. Yayy! I have two of it, one I bought from the states online all the way to Eastern Europe!! And the second one was a gift on his masterclass I had the chance to go to

  4. I already know what it is thanks for the comment. Tell « Google it » to someone else.

  5. This really doesn’t make sense for this sub. This sub is full of very young and very good looking people who still feel they look better in certain colors (and according to color theory, do look better.)

  6. Yes we are here for that not to say someone isn’t exceptionally good looking.

  7. Apparently I am going against the tide in this comment section but I definitely see obvious cool tones in you and the pinkish mauve lip would be unlikely to suit an obviously warm toned skin, but it looks really nice on you. Your coloring reminds me quite a bit of Catherine duchess of Cambridge, who is a true summer and I suspect you are one as well. Soft summer would be an option too as you gravitate rather towards neutral than extremely cool end of the spectrum, but I think you have slightly more contrast than that.

  8. I like the first, 4 and 8. I’m not one of those natural colour is best people😀 you’re so beautiful

  9. Summer after I saw the different colours, just looking at your overtones I thought spring That’s why colour analysis is about seeing how different colours look on you, not your overtones

  10. It's funny that you say you like Bailey because I can't stand her making jokes and funny faces while talking about a real person's murder. My favorite is Angelica Nyqvist.

  11. You’re totally right. I love my uncle but he did badly my aunt. She has autoimmune disorder so she can hardly do anything with him. He out of nowhere started getting fit and losing weight. Then on the night before easter they had a big argument, she called him out and he admitted and asked for divorce. He told us on easter and I was so shocked (they’re together since teenagers and he’s was 46 then I believe) On the day we got home from the villa, he has taken all his stuff from their apartment and left. She came back to an empty from his belongings house and in utter shock as she didn’t expect it. 4 years and counting with the new one. I think my aunt is better off without him. You’ll be too.. you deserve someone that doesn’t lie to you

  12. I would do nude heeled sandals and a thicker necklace if I was trying to be fancy or if it was cold I would do tights and knee high boots and scarf and big earrings

  13. Why would you wear sandals with a thicker dress that belongs to winter or autumn!?

  14. Ha good point, but I was just going off stuff in my closet.

  15. I just see this trend - winter coat or winter clothes of wool and sandals and as an Eastern European that has 42° summers and -20 winters im confused 😀😂🤣 If im on vacation and will spend the day outside exploring a city during cold times I’dpair with my coat in similar colour, golden light beige/oatmeal scarf to respect my light spring season colouring and then high boots in similar shade preferably knee length. If it’s for the office- light beige boots and my scarf or barrette in the same shade. If it’s for night out- then why not sandals 😀

  16. Same. I have almost 20 inches difference and in also GG cup with 25inch waist so nothing really works. Pants, jeans, tops.. nothing. I so far feel fine with fashion nova as they’re stretchy and I just get a size that fits my waist and it stretches out. But I wish I had more options plus they aren’t cheap if you’re in Eastern Europe and pay taxes duties and shipping

  17. Lucky, are you a SD ? As a SD, my waist is medium in size, I am 152 lbs and US size 6-8.

  18. Yes I am pretty sure I am. You will rock it! I definitely see it on SD (probably not on cup aa-a) it’ll look good! Btw these tops are tricky for finding the right size if you’re busty because the bust part isn’t always proportionately big and some brands make the top wider but not fitting more bust. So if you’re over cup DD be careful! Sound lucky but it’s difficult to find clothes. And we all know proportionate and balanced bodies look best and are model like. Not dramatically lush 😀

  19. Yes it was. For someone that hasn't been a victim of any abuse it just makes me mad.

  20. Dumb and lucky people who’ve never been broken by this abuse. I’m jealous of them

  21. My girlfriend was abused the same way starting probably around the same age as the girl was in that scene up until around 13 and has no memory for all those years (or so she says). I was going to bring her to see this but now I'm thinking maybe it's better I didn't and maybe I shouldn't at all.

  22. The ending will help her. The broken are the evolved. We the r-e victims are broken and this puts it in a different perspective. Through pain we can get better

  23. ouuu i’m getting excited !!! i always suspected i’m a muted autumn colors that’s too bright i feel show my dark spots even more

  24. Honestly as a Slavic girl that’s a blonde pale no contrast not even blue eyes but rather silvery before I’d always think all black people are bright or dark winter. I thought all black people must wear neons and such extremely bright colours I cannot handle. Then I got into analysis and saw that I’m most probably a light spring so handle brightness and there’s many black women that aren’t even winters! I have seen so many soft summers! So my eyes still are getting used to tones I’ve rarely seen in real life and have not really seen much how different skins reflect light (we here are more like 90% locals) but I imagine soft or true autumn for you. Summers will be too cool for you and will make your skin orangey, spring and winter are too bright. Do I think autumn! No idea which exactly im surrounded by winters and autumns and know these colours (all of them) look horrible on me so haven’t even read much 😂 Do you have some photos with olive, bright white, black, aquamarine, emerald, burgundy, fuchsia?also what browns do you like? and rust type of shade I imagine it working well for you!

  25. yes ma’am i got me some more muted reds and bright springy colors as well! i posted previously somewhere on this subreddit i’ll link it for you! nonetheless i assume it’s no doubt i’m warm!

  26. I’m Bulgarian and I see many many winters and some autumns or cool summers. I’m a light spring and don’t really see many with similar colouring. But when I go to Denmark or Latvia I see many like me: bright light and warm. While here women loook more like Snow White or Middle Eastern and can wear so much richer colours than me. So spring is the rarest

  27. I wish. I hardly have any jawline but I have cheekbones. Having a strong jawline is very much the trend and standard now so don’t even dare thinking somethings wrong with it!

  28. Not the fabric I’d choose however where I live summers are hot and humid so cotton fans linen are my materials- around 40°c we don’t think about physical appearance as much as just like during winter when it goes down to -20°C 😂🤦‍♀️ I think it’s a very natural type of material and usually lines also are. But if it’s not and you need to stay fresh why not.

  29. Yes for sure. Mostly for lighter ones I’m a light summer/ light spring and imagine this one

  30. I think it all depends on overall shape. I prefer mid waist on me indeed, but now I’ve gained weight and definitely prefer high as it elongates my fat legs and hides the fatter belly😀 short torso, short waist, my hips are 43 inch, waist is 25, bust is 30G, so I honestly cannot hope for much. I wear what makes me appear even shorter in the torso area as I think it makes me look less overweight atm 😂

  31. I love 2. I don’t like 1 at all and 3 emphasises your shoulders rather than your beautiful curves. You’re so pretty

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