1. update to 15.5 beta 4 while its still signed. fugu15 is coming

  2. CS said that they may update Taurine to support up to 14.8.1, but I have no clue when or if that will happen.

  3. Don’t have any blobs ill just wait for taurine I guess

  4. Ooh so if Garou was smart he could’ve truced Saitama, mastered time travel, gone back in time and killed Saitama before Saitama had a chance to grow.

  5. Probably not because he’d have to beat saitama in a few hits before he can get stronger and he probably wasn’t that strong

  6. Used to use lockdown beta too but I prefer using touch id

  7. The transition at the Anime only fans part is smooth

  8. I didn’t even notice the text switched

  9. No I'm 100% certain no galaxies got destroyed. A typical galaxy contains trillions of stars. Each star is light-years away from each other. Meaning that there's so much space between stars that even a human mind can't comprehend. So when an energy blast coming from serious punch shoots off in space, it hit nothing in other galaxies. Blowing up galaxies? When you understand how big galaxies are, you'll laugh at yourself for such ridiculous idea. Try this yourself. Zoom out from street view on Google maps until it shows the whole Earth. See long it takes and how much space available? Now if you zoom out from Earth to Milky Way galaxy at same speed, it will take you over trillion years to do so because of so much space in the galaxy.

  10. And I'm just saying how the conclusion he got from what he saw is not plausible under in-depth analysis of reality. And it's OK. Most people would have same conclusion because space is too mind blowingly big to comprehend.

  11. I also agree he probably didn’t but then how would you explain the huge black space

  12. agreed, also whats this “green” people are talking about, is it a food? 🤔💭

  13. I will never get over the chaos the fandom was thrown into during Sabaody - Impel Down and the haki stuff. Suddenly everything was haki. Nami would probably have weather haki, Zoro a beast haki etc.

  14. This is like the god fruits theories now

  15. It's high print so I'd say 20~ ED 3 usually go for 1 ticket for 100 wl but it's marin so you just gotta find the simps

  16. If it was 1 ticket for 100wl then it’s 100 tickets

  17. Codes pattern changes depending on when it was grabbed. If u grab 2 cards in a row their codes will be almost the same

  18. You can do kbuy extra grab or kbuy extra drop for a ticket and you get extra grabs/drops

  19. It’s hyper real. The wind, the sounds, the sights, everything is extremely clear.

  20. For my lucid dreams none of them feel like real life but I’ve never done an actual lucid dreaming method, I just know I’m dreaming a lot. So if I do fild for example would it feel real?

  21. It’s not pure but it’s reverse which is kinda rare

  22. I feel like most people will never drop a print 1 closest I got was p2 and and it was ed2 and had no WL

  23. You could try but you’re guaranteed to get blacklisted if you mean faking it as a pure white

  24. I’d have to say 3 is pretty good

  25. Well sorry its just that i suck with prices and would hate to be scammed then “bro you could of sold that for like 100 tickets”

  26. U can sell for over 100 probably just ask for offers in trading ads

  27. I don’t buy cards I just buy blessings instead which let you drop more

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