1. Remember when somebody broke into his house and noped out after seeing him like that?

  2. So can the cow explode due to backfire or something?

  3. https://giphy.com/gifs/3o84sw9CmwYpAnRRni

  4. I think it’s a good time. I think yesterday was a good time. I think tomorrow will be a good time too.

  5. Let’s see if they will succeed in what Meta miserably failed

  6. Welcome to the club brother. Next stop: 1B

  7. Because It reminds us the futuristic colorful motorcycles. Some monkey neuron activation shit /s

  8. Bought a little dip myself as well. Love me some dip

  9. This happened to me yesterday, I went to Quickswap directly and then was able to swap ---- you'll need to use the in app browser if you are using the mobile app

  10. It self-fixed itself. It just started to work again… soon enough to buy the dip, bifore It dipped again lol

  11. I bet tears add that extra umami flavor

  12. Calm down everybody, this is normal. I just bought some bitcones, so a dip was to be expected

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