1. so the terrorists are going to conquer this country, huh?

  2. .....Straight up murdering someone in response to a simple swing is unreasonable? Fuck off.

  3. Im going to divorce her jusg to give you hope agsin and then marry her all over to finally break you forever.

  4. I think them being charged fast is just a result of the justice system deciding to do better now because they don't want anymore George Floyd protests.

  5. It carries over to transphobia too. Are they ever worried about “ Tom boys” or the fact that women are in pants a majority of the time? It’s all about the boys who want to wear dresses….

  6. Anytime an article refers to the Florida law as “Don’t say gay,” I know the writer is incapable of being objective. It’s a dead giveaway that what I’m reading is a biased piece of trash.

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