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  1. Interesting. You need to hear from the people you aren't reaching yet. Not just from the people you are.

  2. Or people you are reaching, but have no interest in the product.

  3. Why post it here? It only spreads his FUD to folks who might be on the edge.

  4. May I ask something. Is it actually that difficult to tell what OP is trying to say with the chart?

  5. OP selected certain spikes, and ignored others. The space between the spikes selected varies. It's not really useful. I get the need for hope, but this is it.

  6. The bear gets to wrap its meal in cellophane to keep it fresh.

  7. Looks like an evil queen from the other side of the wardrobe.

  8. For real, the whole thing was for BBBY to NOT go bankrupt, this is such a huge fucking win I cant sleep. As long as BBBY is alive, the shorts have to cover PERIOD. Who cares if BBBY dilutes the shares by 100million shares (for example). They have shorted WAY more than that, they would still have to buy x4 that.

  9. IMX also pumping. Wonder if it's something.

  10. They've been right for 18 months. But nobody ever listens to the titty ladies.

  11. If someone wants the backstory. The Estonian for "cross" is "rist", and "riist" means "tool", which also means the "tool" down there. They intended to ask for a big cross, however due to a typo they ended up asking for a big "tool". And a such request here leaves nothing to the interpretation.

  12. He's invested billions into renewable energy and sustainable foods. What have you done?

  13. I didn't cause billions in damage via my products and investments.

  14. Neither does Bill Gates. You should stop communicating with others, it's sad and pathetic.

  15. Towel stock about to launch the basket. Secured funding just reported in after hours. Could be Carl Icahn, we’ll find out.

  16. Oh I definitely remember finding it and then specifically avoiding it forever

  17. "Ooh! New dungeon! I wonder what's in it.... Goddammit it's Blackreach again."

  18. But in Latin, Jehovah begins with an "I".

  19. Shorts will manipulate. Price is fake until it isn't.

  20. My dumb ass bought when it was $27 the first time. Only recently averaged down to $12.

  21. Exactly. Why would Musky-Drawers be following the parody account?

  22. Nobody here did anything. Shorts did this to themselves.

  23. First time I saw The Wall was on acid, in theater. Pretty intense. Would recommend.

  24. They probably fought over which one has to look at her face.

  25. 300 million record sales and over 300 music awards including 7 Grammys. At one time, she was one of the biggest names in music.

  26. She will be remembered for her decades of talent unlike you, me or Mr Bentwood.

  27. The 'ol "Look on my Works, ye Mighty, and despair!" argument, eh?

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