1. I say this a lot on here, but for real, so many issues with just about every type of product.

  2. I'm thankful you got a bad batch because I got this great review!!! Thanks for the extra effort!

  3. I really appreciate that actually. I hope I can make some folks laugh.

  4. Thank for reminding me. I keep seeing names that sound intriguing, and almost forgot that it would make zero difference since it will all taste like barely anything anywa- lol

  5. Hybrid? Indica. Looks frosty 😛

  6. It's a hybrid that has heavier indica effects after the initial set in period. I noticed waves of relaxation in my body after about only 15 minutes.

  7. Sweet tasting with some "rich" earthy qualities. I'm not really sure what I could compare it to honestly. The terps are there for sure though. You won't be dissatisfied though.

  8. You going to front me the money? You my loan guy? Huh?

  9. Probably a reason why they're short staffed. Just because they handle bud doesnt mean the work doesnt suck.

  10. Got a tenth of this at the Botanist in Wickliffe today. Smells like straight hay. First impression is two thumbs down. Hopefully opens up a bit since I switched to a better jar. Even at the discount feel burned unless the effects end up really smacking which I doubt.

  11. Sorry to hear you had a negative experience. I got my stuff from the exact same dispensary. I keep opening up my jar just to give it a sniff. I have no idea why there is a difference between our bud, but maybe it just boils down to a lack of quality control. I don't know, weird. Extremely happy with mine.

  12. Yeah I don’t know. It seems like everyone who got it in halves says it smells great. Maybe the difference in container it sits in? Moved mine to a glass jar and going to give it some time to hopefully open up. Fingers crossed

  13. Yeah sorry if you bought that based on my review. I would say the container is probably the issue as well.

  14. I saw a homie who was 13 years old buy something like this in an m&m package back in the day.

  15. They have really stepped up their game. Their pyxy styx might be the most slept on strain in the program. It's really good.

  16. 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥where did you get?

  17. Just don't be a hater and start rooting for the Big Ten now.

  18. Sir I will never root for that team up North

  19. Confused as every place I have ever been shows me what I order when there before I even pay...does this one not do that?

  20. I been looking at the half is smalls in this or the ICC. Which one y’all think is better?

  21. Wish there was a weight division between middle-weight and light-heavyweight.

  22. Really enjoyed this one for a while, then I tried Ice Cream Cake by Klutch and was floored.

  23. Definitely don't use while driving, always keep it in the same dispensary containers with original stickers, if they are opened keep were you can't reach it, don't have any vape pens or vaporizers on you or within reach and above all else always have your medical license on you most police officers are going to be pretty cool about it since we're legal but there are some that will make it an nuisance and cost you court time and maybe loss off your products

  24. Thanks, I will keep all of that in mind. Really appreciate the information.

  25. I’ve been told to just treat it like alcohol. If it’s new & sealed, just make sure it’s out of arms reach (backseat or console) But if it was open, I’d put it in a bag in the trunk just so they don’t try to claim you were using while driving.

  26. Thanks so much! Yeah, I figured that it could be problematic if I were to get pulled over with open package. I keep my medicine in a box that is locked when I take it with me in my car.

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