1. I started with dry brushing the coat before this one. While it added to the dragon for sure it wasn’t defining the scales the way I wanted it too. Sometimes when dry brushing doesn’t go quite right it just gives a cloudy look to the piece instead of accentuating the details the way you want. I could tell from the coat before it was not going to work the way I wanted so I went with stippling. Besides I need the practice in stippling anyways and what a better time to practice than by doing it a billion times. 🤪

  2. I feel you, but If you get that cloudy Look, you're not doing it right, probably Not the right consistency of the Paint or wrong brush. I usually drybrush my scales and go with a very thinned down oilfilter Afterwards, or Airbrush glaze. Insanely fast and good looking. And i only need to drybrush shades of White + undercoat

  3. I get overwhelmed even owning that much land, a WC would be hell for me. I like smaller plays. When I did my A Sun God run, owning an entire continent was annoying enough with covering all that coast from European invasions and that turned me off the WC idea lol

  4. Understandable, but hordegameplay is really something different, Just loot and raze provinces. Don't Care about trade and developing. Just keep your armys and snake your way through the whole world. And rob the bank of China every once in a while. I think i even did it around 1700. Was really fun

  5. Yes, they have 2 events with Ming, which make the start incredibly easy. Tons of YT Videos for that. After they explode Just snake around to the west so you can keep waging wars. And when you have truces with your neighbors you can kill Rebels, replenish manpower and so on. I played pretty chill, not optimizing everything and got the KHAAAN! Achievement by 1550 or so.

  6. The more aircirculation they get, the faster they dry. So i never Put them in a Box. I don't know wether you can blowdry them or not

  7. Bayern ist zwar wild, aber unser Scheißloch ist auf jeden Berlin.

  8. Every Grass/Farmland fort except Paris. Also the coastal ones, since they can be blockaded and naval barraged. The Toulouse one should be relocated to Carcassonne. Also build one in the prvince east to Avignon. That closes your Border to spain and italy. I would give a damn about the lowlands since i fight my battles there when playing france.

  9. I mostly agree but if if you have naval superiority then the -2 modifier for lack of a blockade makes coastal provinces good for forts.

  10. That is true, but i mostly don't have (i don't really care about blockades) the superiority and i don't want to bother. Naval barrages are easier accessable, so i Just build mine in inland provinces.

  11. It requires to have a capital in those regions because colonies can't make colonies. And having your capital in a colonial zone makes you a de facto colony, like it or not.

  12. There are a few provinces Like Bermuda or Hawaii that disable CNs but doesn't make you a CN because for nations with Capital there neither Europe or America are overees.

  13. Inks in large surfaces are difficult. Too long in the same Spot, you get a Pool. Pressure to Low: Pool. Ink to thin: Pool. Always when i Airbrush inks i go high pressure, make my prayers and Go super fast and thin over the Mini. Get Out my blowdryer and so on.

  14. I changed my Method for exactly that reason, now i docpreshading with White and airbrush the GW contrast, waaay more comfortable

  15. You should never ever do that, unless you have a Wetpalette solely for metallics

  16. As the other guy said: the metallic parts in your colours can get into the sponge and from there on contaminate your non metallic paint, so they Start to sparkle. Basicly the same with different waterpots. Sure you mostly will never notice, but as your painting improves and you Start to bother, that is something one should keep in mind

  17. Can you teach me how to Wings? Atleast which techniques you applied? I'm sitting here on my Sanguinius and drown in despair.

  18. Long time painter of ancients here. Your NMM gold looks dead on. I don’t think it could be better. But what is the fascination with NMM? We have metallic paints and washes that provide excellent results. Does NMM efforts buy you points in competitions?

  19. NMM really works on large minis, busts etc. You can create atmosphere way easier, because you use matt colours and can place the Highlights and Tones everywhere you want and they stay there, since it doesn't reflect on his own.

  20. This whole paintjob is kinda crazy man! But i Just noticed something: you got a warm lightsource from underneath when i read this Mini correctly but the sword seems to be entirely unaffected. That, to me, Looks really odd.

  21. I think it’s more of a reflection than a light source. The sword is reflecting the flowers she is holding, then it changes to the same reddish brown reflection that the gold reflects as more of an orange, and then there is a greenish reflection close to the tip. That’s how it reads to me.

  22. I get it, i was talking about the guard. In my eye it doesn't match the rest of the Mini. Might just be me tho

  23. That gold be popping. Also Sanguinius best Primarch¡ Praised be the Angel¡

  24. I'm having trouble with the OSL with the Red lightsource from underneath, i don't really Like it and feel Like it's very poorly executed.

  25. If you hate it, don't paint it, that is my C&C. This is a very enduring hobby and it's hard to keep the motivation Up. Better don't so stuff you don't like, it makes it even harder

  26. It's great, on the "tail" you need a little smoothing. And i don't know why, but to me, it seems to be unbalanced. Like it needs a little more Punch in your skintone, because all i see are the scales (which Look awesome, good Job). From the Back you have the brain as counterpart, but you lack one in the Front.

  27. Honestly, seeing this makes me sad. Goetia and Solomon also have been soooo massive fights for me. It was so hard and i needed so many tries. Just seeing him getting bullied by some teenage girl and propably run over easy peasy right after destroys the epicness of the fight. But that Just might be me

  28. I'll give that a try too! Which idea groups would you recommend here?

  29. Quantity (obviously) first. I usially go economy/admin or diplo second, depending on context.

  30. You don't need quantity as Russia. The country gets +33% manpower modifier as part of it's national traditions and +50% force limit through one of the national ideas. Makes quantity a bit redundant and you're better off making your armies stronger instead of larger.

  31. Oh i have not played Russia yet, this is just my default strategy, maybe you could go aristocratic then? I believe it has decent synergy with expansionist and diplo ideas

  32. I Love the Red in the shadow, but in this case i'd go blue, because it's already a really cold tone. I don't know If the red might be overpowering.

  33. The idea is to glaze using ink, you don't want to slap down some bright red colour; just to tint the darker parts (red+green makes for a slightly confusing dark brown shadow)

  34. I thought so, Just wondering, If the warm/cold contrast will work

  35. Best thing I ever did for my hobby was watch some videos on color theory and how to mix and match color. Even if you never really use it and go back to pre-mix mini paints, it’ll help understand how color works and why some look good together and other look like garbage. These days all I need are 5-6 paints and I can mix up just about any color I need. I still regularly use citadel for those hard to match colors but, it’s one more tool in the belt and a very useful one at that.

  36. I, at one Point, bought the kimera Single pigment range and oh Boy, did that change my perception of painting. They are so vibrant and you can create incredible Tones! Painting skintones hasn't been the same since. I could not agree more on the statement. If you have your thinking about painting right, you get incredible results in no time

  37. This is a hilarious explanation. Whenever I see a post asking "how do I mix colors???" I always assume the OP is some noobie with like 6 colors of paint and a size 3 brush 😂 let's hope OP here has a wet pallette to keep all those custom mixes flowing

  38. You gotta do it at one Point right? Go crazy and out of your comfort Zone. That makes you grow as an artist and if you've done it once you Always can do it.

  39. ngl every time im more conviced this guy is a genius

  40. So more of a sharper red with yellow/orange undertone, or more desaturated, like leaning ochre? Yeah, I can see that. With the purple and blacks all having more of a blue base a warmer red would be better. It didn't turn out as well in ImpCat, but I will probably try a warmer red when I paint up a test model. Thanks.

  41. I would build it Up with a burned red or reddish brown undercoat, Go into a pure Red and to the Highlights with an orange. If it's to bright, it might overpower the miniature, since the shield is such a massive Volume

  42. Played around with the red and you were absolutely right.

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