1. These are terrible sample sizes

  2. Yeah I know, I mostly play MTTs and Spins. You can see from these smaller sample sizes that I am not a great player though.

  3. I've probably played more spin and gos than most people have played hands of poker.

  4. Can I ask you where you learned this “default approach”? I have been dabbling in spin and go’s recently, and actually have a winning cEV over a decent sample size, but nowhere near yours. What’s the secret to taking it to the next level?

  5. Are prices local or shipped?

  6. Pretty sure this guy is trolling. Just look at his post history

  7. Any luck? I tried verifying etc... Dont want to reinstall yet lol

  8. I have a white version of the Xlite with superglides if you are interested

  9. The upswing lab. It was created years ago, and seems to have been barely touched since release. A lot of the concepts are outdated tbh

  10. Confirmed trade (Pulsar Xlite Wireless + $60) for GPX

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