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  1. “I’ve seen some things, man. And some stuff… I wouldn’t recommend it!”

  2. Fun fact: an “ass egg”, whether wet or dry, is technically a correct description. Chickens, like all birds, amphibians and reptiles, have a cloaca, a singular orifice out of which is expelled both eggs and waste. So every egg from a chicken is an “ass egg.”

  3. Fruit by the foot(what ever the name is I just know it's something like that) haven't had those in a long time

  4. my cat only does this during her moments of extreme dubious behavior, and it kills me every time

  5. Should be wearing a beret, reciting spoken word meowetry in a smoke filled room

  6. This is the most “Iowa” post I’ve ever seen. Will you please come back with a rank list after your wife’s birthday?

  7. Well, I guess you're the best at being a gassy citrus fruit,

  8. “…you farting kumquat.” is a great way to end a sentence

  9. Your Peanut is precious! Looks little, how old is Peanut?

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