1. This line in our changelog is very likely an incorrect translation from KR patchnote.

  2. Do you happen to know if Merchant ships are updated with the new mats for 1490+ characters as well? I'm considering saving pirate coins

  3. Yes Merchant Ships (and PVP shop) will also upgrade.

  4. As a completionist , i have most combat one maxed (still missing 10, most are pretty costly so thanks Toad for price drop =)), hoping for a rebalance one day but at worst, it will be a pretty showroom for my completionism

  5. as a completionist, i have 31 combat leg already , planning to max all of them on the long run ,

  6. Correct. Sadly people will continue to affirm the reverse and downvote to oblivion people who tell them the truth...

  7. 'Batuark' on Forpe now drops the Tamed Red Wolf Mount we are so close the the wolf title now lol

  8. Our patchnote seems incomplète on lot of stuff.

  9. female Zerk is a given for 1 of them.

  10. Hello, yes lot of those are from original Season 1 content :

  11. In KR, they had a QOL change for Death's Hold which requires only 3 people.

  12. 4 people , we should have this fix in the November QoL patch :)

  13. if you are Amazon Prime member + got all Twitch drops, the max except server merge or founder pack should be as follow :

  14. The founder's pack didn't give amethyst shards, it gave Royal Crystals. Silver gave 1000, Gold gave 4000 and Platinum gave 7000 Royal crystals.

  15. ty ! i misread the desc i got, i've fixed the previous post.

  16. This is exactly why i keep my 2 quality weapon on my bardo , because i know that with my "luck" i'll end getting something like this and that will make me frenzy 😭

  17. Hello, that's an issue of our Elgacia stripped client.

  18. it should be like Ark Pass 1 (1.5k for premium + 1.5k for Super Premium) but we will only know tomorrow once the pass is active.

  19. Great work, super useful! Would've definitely preferred the 1000 BC but rewards look good overall

  20. Fashion over readability and utility....

  21. Next week just ask to link achievement once inside for fast clear. Already works for reclear groups. Ez

  22. Achievement or Title is meaningless for Clown. The Rehearsal count for the total. So people can just do the rehearsal and get it

  23. They can check upgraded set piece since youll need a G3 clear to get enough horns.

  24. and then you gatekeep people's alt that knows their stuff.

  25. The generic rewards for the clear is 1st hidden achievement "Trial of Achates" that gives Charisma +3 and the title "Brilantly Splendid"

  26. Considering current login bonus ends date (12 october). here's my hopium expectation for the end of year :

  27. Instead of requiring Crit for stack, it's changed to any hit and the buff lasts longer

  28. and you forgot the most important change : realty full duration reset at every hit once realty is activated basically making it a perma buff =).

  29. You can very easily do it on Eternity Island.

  30. dam thats what i suspected. thats a very expensive achievement then. not worth

  31. While costly on paper, If you happen to play a WD or a Striker, it's extremely worthy to get a guaranteed Galatur card.

  32. dayum. i prob wouda done it before shard prices went thru the stratosphere

  33. don't forget that you can use any tier so you can use a T1 map that you bought with shards "at worst" if you don't want to waste a T3 map :)

  34. What's especially weird to me is that the Altema gatcha simulation for these luckies works like GL. 3rd party and all that, but I wonder if the lucky pools were always like this in JP?

  35. it depends, Both exists, you need to check the gacha pool to know in detail :)

  36. Oh so people will have to do oreha hard at 1370 to get legendary items to hone to 1385. interesting change.

  37. Did these fucks really adopt yoho at 1370 and left the deadzone at 1340-1370? The deadzone was horrible.

  38. +30% hone rate between 1302 +12~15. there's no dead zone anymore with that level of hone increase lol.

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