Which situation will always create high sexual tension?

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  1. It’s near Banff, Alberta. Definitely the best touge-like road around here!

  2. Please tell us where I'm dying to find a good road close to Calgary 😭

  3. How man? i get bored pretty quickly just because I don't know what to do and I do feel like I don't know everything and i want to learn that so i can play and experience the game at its fullest

  4. Mostly it's just a sandbox game. You'll find yourself doing anything you would do with a car, if there were no road laws. Plus, it's crash physics allow for some cool stuff :D If you know about cars, going around in the menus with customization would also be a lot of fun, because you can completely change a car's behavior through there. It's just a matter of picking the parts and messing with the dials to get the feel you want. I'd say the way I learned to have fun with the game is just fuck around and find out.

  5. 263CAD/month for my first year 252CAD/month for my second year (now)

  6. Seems pretty cheap who is your insurance provider?

  7. AMA I have the absolute bare minimum legally required insurance tho lmao I just have 1M$ for third parties I believe

  8. My slow lil A3 got me just about 220 miles or so on half a tank. All highway driving @ 80mph.

  9. man I hate to be that guy but I had poutine for lunch yesterday, used bagged milk in my tea, ate maple syrup on my waffles before work, my girlfriend ate ketchup chips for a snack, and I'm dreading the bottom right picture absolutely being a thing in like a month.

  10. yo asumo que era entre la 2 y 3 de la mañana donde ponían una pantalla con peces nadando, pues para ese entonces, y en la oscuridad daba un poco de miedo :V

  11. Mi papa me conto alguna vez que mientras esperaba que yo naciera en el hospital, terminó hallucinando con esos peces en el TV de la sala.

  12. Se voltearon a mirarlo en la sala del hospital

  13. Hey, people are ripping on you but these are awesome. The battery life lasts forever, and everything is on the internet anyways so storage is irrelevant. The storage is plenty for text and such which is what you might keep for school, and it's a great laptop for video consumption. Honestly I wish I had one of these for school. Great choice 👌

  14. Halfway through 7 weeks of not seeing my girlfriend cause our summer holidays are horribly misaligned :/

  15. I usually hit it with the good old turn it off and on. Usually a couple restarts at stop lights later it goes away

  16. When you're sitting in the passenger seat of their car and they put their hand behind your seat to look behind them as they back out

  17. Another rule that I remember is saying" Broken Dishes" if you catch the person's eyes open or if they are squinting.

  18. Welcome to America, the country where everything is racist and nothing else matters

  19. I'm definitely into the Brushless Revo, but I'd be interested to know the reviews on the 1/18th scales!

  20. The prerunner was my first RC! They're loads of fun, extremely fast for their size and they're fixed easily. The only issue is that there isn't much of an upgrade path without diy work. I'm currently in the midst of putting a brushless ESC and motor on mine and I've been trying to make/get an engine mount plate for a while. Ask me anything you'd like to know.

  21. Any plans for small missions? Or maybe a mission builder like VTOL VR has on PC? It seems like it would be a decent engine for a lot of cool things.

  22. Where in Canada is someone not bringing in garbage tim hortons coffee while wearing a thrasher hoodie or something along those lines

  23. I live in Alberta, though! Can confirm the starter pack is correct except cross out the six and replace the maple leafs with the oilers (if you’re a true hockey fan, of course).

  24. Nah, here the forces are white, most kids get iced coffee, even in winter somehow, hockey teams are different ofc, and i don't really see thrasher hoodies, it's quite varied tbh. Maybe that's just YYC tho

  25. You're right. Looks like from Volume 3 onward, it follows 137.

  26. I haven't had the chance to watch the show in a while but the original is C-134 right?

  27. If he's Johnny Sims how come he doesn't have sex with every woman he runs into?

  28. Its not Netflix original but i think its in most parts of europe

  29. Netflix bought it outright from sony if I'm not wrong.

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