1. Anyone got any detox kits for suggestion? I have to meet my PO at end of the month

  2. Khabib fans can't help but bring him up and honestly his run doesn't compare to guys like izzy and usman. And definitely doesn't compare to GSP, Silva, Aldo or MM

  3. When I was in high school, when my classmates found out I fought in Muay Thai, they'd get all insecure and say stuff like they don't need any training to fight because that's for weak shit. Another guy who was in the football team said he probably kicks harder than me. It's usually the jock types who say this. I never argued with them. My brother got suspended for beating the shit out of one of them though, when the guy pushed him around saying his Muay Thai won't work after our school put up a tarpaulin of my brother for winning silver in a national tournament.

  4. Surprising it’s not even jock types that have this issue it’s just mens egos in general lol. Idk they would feel so insecure or challenged when there’s no reason to

  5. The chicks an idiot, but at the same time, the guy didnt have to body slam her XD he could have easily overpowered her in a controlled manner. Cops need to learn to take the high road instead of seeing red and trying to inflict as much damage as possible

  6. Exactly this was the dumbest response ever. Sure it’s annoying get punched in the face but that woman’s punch had absolutely no power. I bet this guy takes out a shotgun to kill a fly in his house.🙄

  7. I could never get into grappling arts in general I tried both jujitsu and wrestling but HATED it. I recognize the effectiveness of it but it’s just something about rolling around with a sweaty guy I just don’t like lol. I just work on takedown defense that’s it. But striking arts such as Muay Thai and boxing just felt so natural to me. I’ve always been heavy handed so all of my strikes are naturally strong and fast I just feel much more comfortable as a striker.

  8. Holly Holm was legitimately not winning a striking match with Bethe Correia.

  9. I don’t understand how she wasn’t. Bethe was more of a sloppy slugger like Chris Lebon

  10. Had a new guy come in a brought his GF to watch. He started with a poor attitude and acted like he was a world champ (had zero experience). Well the gym I fought out of was geared primarily towards fighters so it was a tough place to be. 20min in he stops training because he got a blister on his toe. The coach told him to get back on the bag and the dude replied “BUT MY TOE HURTS AND IS BLEEDING A LITTLE BIT!” Well….the coach and the fight team (self included) began to laugh and ridicule him for yelling about a skinned up toe. We never saw him back. It was the most absurd thing I’ve seen. Never saw someone yell at a coach for a toe blister.

  11. 😂😂 i can’t stand these type of dudes that come into the gym. I think the worst are the ones that say they know when they are corrected on their abysmal technique. Why even come if your ego is to big to let you learn

  12. Not when the fight is done. That kick had zero merit and if I was a bystander I would have got involved because of it. Most likely would be lying next to the others straight after, but still, ain’t no need for that.

  13. I understand why that looks bad but imagine what those two would have done to him if they got him on the ground. The guy obviously has some decent level of training how he was able to knock both down with either hand and how he circled out after. That saved him from a bad back and forth fight. No rules in street fight especially when you tried to jump a person

  14. If you deal in ‘what if’s’ to try and justify cause, then you’re acting instead of reacting and that makes yourself the aggressor, no matter the circumstances.

  15. Your right I’m sure they would have politely knocked him out. Then get him a pillow and a blanket and make sure he was safe and comfortable. In all seriousness I don’t know what country this took place in, but in America if you knock a person down it’s in your best interest to make sure they are out. I’ve seen far worse videos on here of people getting struck long after they were out. This is not that the aggressors clearly intended to do harm to this man look how they crowded him to prevent escape

  16. Exactly. Nike Air Louis XVI's with Guillotine technology.

  17. Very good call, nunes and Valentina parlay is easy money, add shavkhat in there

  18. "You have good footwork/movement" aka "stop running from me"

  19. This guy that used to come to my gym said he was working on his “Defense “ but was literally running from me. I was going light, but the guy had no business being in anything athletic. Everyone isn’t cut out for fighting I guess

  20. This seems like a nightmare to fight against especially if their punches have decent power

  21. Yea the entire west coast is fucking gross.

  22. I haven't, but it's not exactly fast crazy movements. Not to be gross but it's kinda slowly sensually kissing, licking heel to toe, and sucking toes lol. I'm sure someone has though but I havnt

  23. Nothing gross about beautifully well maintained feet. It’s only disgusting if they stink and are crusty and hard 🤣

  24. Leave that gym. It should smell like sweat but nothing more. My gym has a hygiene policy so no one hardly ever comes in smelling bad unless the occasional new person. People having poor hygiene and training is a disgusting perfect environment for infections and things like MRSA. I once got MRSA from a boxing gym and it almost killed me

  25. Yup, as much as I hate this dude I too am terrified of Angela and frankly anyone around her should be. I'm an over 6 feet tall in good shape dude and that woman absolutely scares the shit out of me. She's so volatile and unpredictable. She is VIOLENT and if left unchecked she would absolutely sucker punch someone without warning if the cameras were off. This isn't an "Ed is so pathetic and gross and he can't handle a woman who pushes back" issue, this is an Angela is absolutely deplorable and above all violent in every way issue.

  26. Angela isn’t scary unless you are timid.To me she’s a joke that just has a huge mouth like many people.Her old saggy ass wouldn’t bust a grape.I guarantee if the right woman was on there to check her she would become the exact opposite of what she is now.

  27. That's odd - since I began smoking more regularly, my desire to drink has gone way down. Other than half a glass of sangria at Thanksgiving just to be polite, I didn't drink any alcohol in 2022. I have heard that being drunk and high simultaneously multiplies the effects of both, but for me it's the opposite - the drunk feeling smothers my high. Anyone else get that feeling?

  28. When I do drink and smoke I prefer a strong sativa to balance out the two. I tend to feel the effects of both. But I almost never drink and smoke indica unless I don’t care about going to sleep

  29. If you are untrained jumping in the ring with high level fighters will only leave you beat up and discouraged. If you are already training just keep sparring ALOT, with the highest level fighters possible. Eventually when you are good enough you can become a valuable sparring partner to high level amateur and pro fighters. I don’t know your current situation though

  30. Unfortunately, every single ounce of my training has been spent min/maxing my grappling. The first time i get punched in the mouth i fold like an omelette

  31. You must be trolling 🤣 if that’s the case how the hell are you going to take a punch from a elite pro

  32. I’m 34 discovered I was bipolar at 28, which time I had my first and only child. My early 20s was a disaster but I maintained living as “Normal” as possible. I worked literally f1st 2nd and 3rd shift between the 2 jobs I had. This of course had me get very little sleep and wrecked havoc on my moods and relationships. 28 I tried the whole medicine route which was terrible for me. I did my own research and discovered different ways of dealing with my disorder. My plan now consists of getting plenty of sleep, vegetarian diet or as healthy as possible, meditation and plenty of exercise. My choice of exercise is Muay Thai kickboxing I have done it several years and it has done wonders for dealing with my aggression , anxiety and depression. I make myself go no matter what no Excuses. Another tip is limiting time around negativity and stress. I also use alot of natural herbs including cannabis, CBD and CBG. Is this a perfect fix all by no means. However I live a pretty stable and productive life. I know I will get a lot of hate for this but I just can’t believe every bipolar person can’t live without medication

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