1. Do people just not read perk descriptions

  2. I mean you can’t blame him when they keep changing perks over and over again. He might’ve thought it was a bug. If anything the devs are to blame. These changes are so unnecessary.

  3. I mean, it's happened to me where I go "what the hell, they shouldn't work like that." Then after the game, look at the perk description. Instead of taking a screenshot and posting about it.

  4. Why waste time say lot word when few word do trick

  5. It's really something, this game brings out the worst in some people. I've been online gaming since Halo 2, and I've never gotten messages like I do for this game. I just hope people don't take this stuff to heart. Don't respond, just report.

  6. "lol I was just pretending to be stupid"

  7. I upgraded from Xbox one x to Series X, slight difference but not much. Biggest Jump I had was OG Xbox One to One X. It is not looking like there's a "next-gen" version in the near future.

  8. Ghosts got a bad rap, was my favorite multiplayer of the series. Campaign was ok, and extinction was fun and different.

  9. Name another pvp game where people actually concern themselves with the other side's feelings

  10. If you don't think the game is killer sided, you're bad

  11. Should've just "gone next" instead of posting this. Look at yourself. You played one match in a game and typed up an essay about it. Get over it

  12. Yeah, but who wants to do that every time?

  13. I think you can set presets at least. I know, still convoluted

  14. Do they not understand that the confusion of different currencies is probably the number 1 reason they don't make as much as they could? I see this screen, and am immediately turned off.

  15. No joke though. I played a match and was yelling about how they ruined the sound, then felt like an idiot when I realized...

  16. That was the worst part of the final episode imo. They built it up and then .. nothing.

  17. We should healthcare all republicans.

  18. I think there's a big gap between "passing the exams" and applying that knowledge correctly to one of thousands of scenarios that can and do occur in that field.

  19. Come on man, this is like a shitty movie plot. Convoluted and not realistic at all.

  20. I'm pretty sure once you go two generations back, you're only supporting resellers. So the question would be if you want the legit cartridge or disc, or just want to play the game.

  21. If player levels don't matter, then why are you posting about it?

  22. Maybe. I just think it’s bad survivors wanting to blame killers. And since it’s the side where friends and chat as they play and you have teammates to help it is always easier to insult the one killer player

  23. You cry too much, find a different game to play

  24. Since I can't respond to the mod, I'll reply here. Where did I discriminate?

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