1. Don’t spray it down with brake clean and then pull the trigger. Ask me how I know….

  2. Dang that looks like it was an absolute banger of a party

  3. Black people historically in America were not allowed to go to college, or own land, or vote, or be outside after sun down, or buy houses, or get loans, or use the same facilities as whites including libraries. To this day a lot of the historical obstacles still exist even if they are not as blatant as they used to be. For instance investing, less than 8% of black households are invested in the stock market on any level. Just one of too many to list statistics that show systemic racist systems have heavy lingering effects in todays America. So yes black people need a little help overcoming some of that. Hi lighting black businesses is a very small way to help. Now bring on the down votes.

  4. I love mine. I don’t know about hype. They are exactly what they claim to be. Boring general purpose shoe.

  5. Without alcohol you grow, you learn, you get stronger. The hard times make us. Alcohol is not capable of adding anything, it can only take. Don’t let it take anything from you, not even the your pain. You will get through this stronger than ever. IWNDWYT ♾

  6. I am rock hard right now. I want to throw something away as bad as I have ever wanted to do anything.

  7. If you say stupid stuff you will get downvoted.

  8. Nah if you offend the Fox News brigade you will get down voted. Lots of ignorant fragile white men out there.

  9. This issue is very complex. When it comes to racism in America it’s not apples to apples. The power is very much in the hands of white people. I’m not a victim, and I didn’t mention bigotry or hatred, I said ignorance. I just have compassion for people who do not fuck with white people. I do not get offended and I do not think it’s “racism”. This girl does seem dumb, I just don’t think it’s racist and I have some empathy for the sentiment. Also there is plenty of right/Republican/conservatives on Reddit.

  10. In the last 8 presidential elections a Republican only won the popular vote 1 time….. is it really so hard to believe that the modern majority does not want a Republican leader anymore? Much less this fucking guy.

  11. Try to remember that even if your partner doesn’t show it the best way, they are mad because they love you. Work with them for a sober path. My wife was a million percent done with my shit when I finally got sober. Life gets real and it’s beautiful and it’s scary, but it’s worth it. You are worth it. Good luck! IWNDWYT

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