1. To be fair, per the screenshot OP posted, they gave to Loychik one time back in September of 2021... before "Don't Say Gay" was a thing in Ohio. Loychik has been pro cannabis, at least for medical I believe. This is probably why BR did this. My guess is that they were trying to help the Program and help themselves. It doesn't mean they actually agree with HB616, and I doubt they do.

  2. Not a hit job, just a data point to consider as consumers. This behavior isn't a one-off for Loychik, and in all honesty a scroll through his social media likely makes BR donating to him worse.

  3. Unfortunately, until we have home grow most of our options at the dispensary will be companies influenced by politics, or attempting to influence it themselves. At the same time I feel like donations made from a cannabis CEO were probably to have cannabis related laws written in his favor. Hard to believe his donation had anything to do with this bill being introduced. It seems our politicians likely responded to Florida’s more than anything. Boycotting the entire brand over in what is a small political donation seems a little odd to me. I’m sure other CEOs or cannabis executives in the state are donating to politicians as well, or will be as midterms approach.

  4. I'm not suggesting a boycott, I'm just providing a data point for consumers. And yes, he's entitled to make his donations wherever, but the blind eye approach of throwing $1000 at Loychik to further BR's business, while choosing to overlook Loychik's vocal history of racism, homophobia and QAnon crap means that I can personally choose to avoid BR at my discretion. It's literally the most fundamental principle of the free market. Just like someone might choose to buy a couple more 1/8 of BR product because they like Loychik's message.

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