1. Hi there , 16 M here , not a mom ( clearly not ) but I've looked after younger children . And I can assure you that you're going to do really well . Look it's stressful I get it , and I suffer from anxiety too . But you're stronger than you think . You'll do fine .

  2. I'm still working on it! Thank you so much for the compliment 🥰

  3. Duckling, I love you. You have inherent, infinite worth just because of who you are. Your value isn’t dependent on how many mistakes you make.

  4. Thanks mom , it's harder sometimes to remember that mistakes don't make me less worthy of feeling proud or myself or worth less . I appreciate your advice . And yes mom , I'll use a planner and remember to brush my teeth .

  5. It is hard to remember. So I’m here to remind you. ❤️

  6. I remember the day that I attempted . I felt light headed and sort of lost too... I felt shitty... But numb? . Anyway I was hungry so I ended up just making a plate of scrambled eggs. Anyway op, I'm just letting you know that you're not alone.

  7. Of couse it's the kids' clothes. Don't ever need to "allow" cuz it's literally the clothes that the children wear.

  8. The Teteo were given other offerings, not just blood. It could be shrines, art, dance, poetry, food, puppets of the Teotl, etc. and these were offerings made very frequently and dare I say more frequently than blood.

  9. I see , actually I'm curious to know , do you get used to the pain over time ? . Though I don't think that a mere prick would be too painful .

  10. So I personally haven’t ever drawn blood to make an offering. The way the Teteo are venerated now has roots in the religious practices pre-conquest but has evolved to be a little different over time. Offerings of blood are still made but in smaller amounts and generally less often by fewer practitioners. It’s not something you’re expected to do, it’s something you can do if you ever feel so inclined.

  11. I'd imagine that there were more modern methods for drawing blood . After all , I don't think that maguey thorns are exactly sterile .

  12. Great job hun! Now you know you're smarter than you think and that you should be confident in what you know. So proud of you! 😊😊😊

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  14. whatcha want? (my name's Andrew lol)

  15. i’m a male regressor!! (tho i am afab/trans!)

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