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  1. That’s basically giving retailers 🖕🏼 while 🤝🏼 with the big corps…

  2. I've got auto-buy set up in ComputerShare. Every paycheck $110 more dollars worth. It ain't much, but it's honest work. Just trying to do my part.

  3. Someone has to be the chosen one Ape, may as well be you. Happy birthday in advance!

  4. I’m happy there’s people like you in the world, OP. :)

  5. The lowest split one can do is 2:1. If I were RC, I’d be waiting until at least 51% of shares were DRSed, so that there’s no way anybody could argue in court that GME intentionally executed a split to fuck SHFs (leading to financial system collapse).

  6. You’re definitely right. Here in America, we have so many guns to defend ourselves that multiple mass shootings happen every day and we’re so numb to it at this point we just act like it’s normal. So much so that literal children can be slaughtered in a classroom, and all that happens is that ammosexuals everywhere puff their chests and fantasize about themselves as the “good guy with the gun” if they had been in that situation. So classy.

  7. Ken is Desantis' biggest donor. Not surprising he wants his company HQ in that state.

  8. When the Feds come for Ken I’m sure he’ll look to Desantis to protect him or at least soften the blow

  9. My moms dead and if it meant all you worthless dipshits were in a grave, I'd allow it.

  10. And you stole that joke from Basketball

  11. If it helps they also absolutely fucked up there

  12. I actually looked at this pretty extensively during post-grad. It’s actually pretty unlikely that it happened (unfortunately). They faced a huge amount of scrutiny from NASA after pulling this, and have shut down any questions about sex in space that they’ve been asked in the last 30 years. Anyways, they’re divorced now.

  13. Hijacking top comment to say that I think RC is telling people to activate your bloody wallets. Number of sign ups will be a good leading indicator but activated wallets is a metric that will be scrutinised more closely as a true indication of adoption. I imagine tons of apes have got the wallet but not activated it.

  14. Actually just checked, 30 June! Q3 is 01 July through 30 September.

  15. Ah nuts I went by fiscal tax quarters for 2022, am retarded

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