1. F1NN will never not give the most confusing envy possible to my brain

  2. Or hear me out. We stop gendering clothes :|

  3. I have some- concerns about that moment when Julian created a duplicate Zane after losing his other “son” then.

  4. This place is slowly just becoming a stop off/rest point for eggs,

  5. “Congratulations! You are now the eldest son. Please do not argue or question”

  6. Happy birthday! I hope your having a good time! Do want to mention though, this is technically a non-meme. So might be taken down

  7. We all need a replacement body, science must advance to make this possible.

  8. I’m not sure full context, but after looking up, it’s related to the idea of men being erm. Sexually, aroused at the idea of being a woman.

  9. That doesn’t sound like a fun situation, hopefully things will get better for you.

  10. I think I’m the only one making ninjago memes lol

  11. Nah, I’ve seen a couple others. Probably might have been inspired by yours though.

  12. I mean, it probably gets Lego a bunch of money, I don’t think they’d just give it up. Even if the show ends, they’ll probably still make lego sets and stuff.

  13. Probably. I don’t think ninjago will die until they make another show with actual effort to rival it. Atleast monkey Kid showed they can still make new ideas and seems pretty good.

  14. “If you want to be the egg #1, you have to validate another egg on the run!”

  15. It would make a lot of lives better for sure,

  16. Of course Emma! Your an amazing and pretty girl, so there is no reason we wouldn’t help you out. <3

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