1. I put $1800 originally but then I thought well maybe dude will say yes and try to haggle me up, so started low...probably to low.

  2. I wish I was selling it I’d 100% take it apart and wrap everything up and ship it for an extra $300 lol

  3. Wasn't the airship top-heavy due to the weight of their massive balls?

  4. You leave us without the price?! What kind of monster are you!

  5. No worries. Things can get confusing. Just know that 12600k is a very solid cpu

  6. Well look, there’s 2 types of games. Those that are cpu dependent, and those that are gpu dependant. Amd with amd works better for games that are gpu dependent. But like i said before, the difference isn’t worth switching over. 12600k would be the better choice for cpu dependent games.

  7. The 6700xt is roughly 20% faster than a 3060. If that’s worth $100, then go for it.

  8. Okay so my dilemma is that the 3060 would be Asus, so a brand I trust and the 6700xt would be ASrock which I know nothing about.

  9. Asrock makes computer hardware. Usually geared more toward the low/mid range. Not that they’re incapable of making high end components.

  10. Well that solves my dilemma, thank you! I’m fine with it not having the bells and whistles I plan on getting a water block for it anyways

  11. Came here to say this. I got the AOC CU34G2X on amazon about two months ago for $400 and am blown away by the quality of this thing for how cheap it was. I know that's exactly "cheap" but for what it is it's a pretty damn good value.

  12. I have the same model pair with a vertical aoc 27". Can't go wrong.

  13. How have you felt about the monitor since getting it? Any tips on adjusting the settings? It’s been a great monitor especially switching from console to pc, having this be my first monitor 😂

  14. Max for personal and laptop hooked up to ultra wide for work? So similar to my setup!

  15. Oh no I have a full pc build under my desk, sorry for the confusion. It’s an older set up but it runs all the games I play really well.

  16. It looks really good, however it feels too spaced apart, kind of lost, would try to move things closer and maybe add a few desk decorations to make it more cosy.

  17. I like my monitors where they are bc I can just swivel from one to the other and have ample space. I also have a chromebook thatll be going on the desk and my switch dock.

  18. Ah, nice! I still think you should add some desk decor just to decorate and give some more vibrance to the setup, maybe some wall art too.

  19. Yeah I’ve got a bunch of paintings that my fiancé made that I’d like to hang up in there. Then maybe some plants to keep it feeling lively

  20. If you're working on it, some proper lighting wouldn't go amiss. Maybe a white bias light (at whatever colour point you work to).

  21. It’s got rgb under the monitor stand, also in the closet is led strips and all around my ceiling is led strips, I’d like to get one good desk lamp though

  22. You did great, nice ultrawide, I think just get a new desk you'll be set. The desk reminds me of something you'd see at a elderly person's home, like you brought your PC over to your grandma's house for the summer.

  23. Yeah it’s an old desk my mom had laying around😂 I got a great deal on the ultrawide. It’s a 34” AOC, I paid $400. The day after I ordered I checked the price again and it was up to $520!

  24. Nice snag, the AOC'S are good monitors. Yea I'm sold on ultrawides, gaming or working on regular 16:19 monitors feels way too boxed in now.

  25. Same here honestly. Also I got the pc for a steal as well. Rx580 8gb gpu, i74790k and the whole rest of it only cost me $500. Came with the black widow keyboard and a headset

  26. That’s a Michigan brand I’ve seen it. Not the best in the world but your typical 5/100 crc

  27. I think it's easier saying that in theory. I'm not saying there aren't people who would definitely prefer this, but this is for the worst of the worst, like serial killers, people who kill other inmates and guards, so they'll definitely make your life hell.

  28. I did 6 years in prison and the most peaceful and rehabilitating 2 years were done in a call alone. Not saying everyone is like me just that in my experience, being around a bunch of criminals just makes you want to be a better criminal.

  29. My favorite is redbud roots, you can find them 4-5 for 100 and they’re 70% disti 30% live resin so you get true to strain terpene profiles

  30. Not very often I find someone so beautiful so close to me. I recognize that background, nw Ohio by chance?😅

  31. Could you continue heating and add terpenes or stabilizers (gross) to get to a consistency where you drop them into vape carts?

  32. What do you do to whip crumble just heat it and whip or what this is the first time I’ve heard about whipping it

  33. Ah yes Jack, Neal, Ken, Allen, Ole Bill, and the boys. Okay what a great time to be alive.

  34. You been to urb and still choose to drive 45 minutes to morenci? Idk what you buy but urb has ounces as low as 80 and concentrate deals 5/100- 8/100 some days.

  35. Mostly carts and edibles. I get my concentrates from grey market and don’t really smoke flower all too ofteb

  36. By grey market do you mean like, pop ups/seshes in legal states?

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