1. How are you gonna sit there and tell me you know he was running exactly 37km/h 20 000 years ago .. get the fuck out of here. Can't even get the weather right most of the time

  2. How about you actually read the study and understand their methods instead of instantly jumping to the conclusion “them scientists are dumb I know everything” ?

  3. It's gibberish. 90% of the runes in the game are just there for cool visuals and don't mean anything.

  4. There's only a single mention of Alfheim in Poetic Edda.

  5. Can we make that pic into a new meme template 😂

  6. These sorts of scam artists know they're lying, we know they're lying, and they know we know they're lying. I suspect that most of those who purport to believe in it would, in fact, admit that they don't think it really happened if you were to press them on it. However, it won't affect their faith. They'll simply compartmentalize it.

  7. People are paying other people to validate their delusions.

  8. As someone studying forest technology, yes. There are thousands of laws and regulations in Canada to protect forests while still harvesting them. It’s much more complicated than people realize.

  9. Idk if you can answer me this but I’ve always wondered… what the people who chop down trees think they will do when they don’t have any more trees? Like either they will reach a limit of trees they can get without damaging the forest or just wipe out everything. And they trees take a hell of a long time to grow so they can’t just keep cutting and plant seeds as they go.

  10. In Canada mills have limits of the amount of trees they can harvest each year, is called an AAC ( annual allowable cut) this number is calculated based on age and growth per year of a tree and when will that tree reach is max yield without risking possible of disease. There are other factors contributing to how they come upon this number. I could go on for years about how the not just mills can harvest, indigenous harvesting and community harvest laws.

  11. Wow, this sounds cool and good for the environment. I wish the entire world started doing it. Thanks for informing me.

  12. Stop giving Disney ideas for another pointless remake

  13. “Are they fuckable?” Was apparently criteria in the design 🙃

  14. Literally tho. James Cameron told the concept artists or whatever that the audience needed to find Neytiri hot.

  15. A lot of runes in the game don’t make much sense I heard

  16. Yeah. The devs just throw together what they think is visually appealing then make the characters “read them” as if they made sense.

  17. Odin doesn’t love or like anyone. He only sees value in people when they are useful to him. There’s only two types of people in Odin’s perspective: Obstacles and Tools. Atreus was his tool to translate and complete the mask. I have no doubt he would have killed Atreus after he completed the mask, or after he looked into the crack in reality, because Odin doesn’t want anyone using his tools.

  18. doomers da internet quando eu realmente me esforço e tento achar felicidade na vida independente das adversidades ao invés de ficar reclamando na internet:🤯

  19. You do have potential, the last one is the best.

  20. I think my first contact with god of war was with the second one. I was playing in a local Lan House. And all i remember was, i was really bad at it, and got stuck in the giant statue battle, because i didn't know i was supposed to launch myself at it. (Give me some slack i was like 6 years old lol).

  21. Imagine a visual like this in a godzilla anime

  22. The horned helmet. Vikings didn’t had that, it’s a misconception.

  23. I know, im Norwegian. But they are hella cool

  24. Kong skull island for chronological order, Godzilla 2014 for release order.

  25. Awesome. Love Kong's fur and the texture of the warbat's skin.


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