1. Can you please let me know the Hindi version of Wakeel and Adalat, these words seem Urdu/Arabic to me

  2. To score political points, Smriti Irani, a non-hindu, shared photo of pious aarti upside down!

  3. Bhai Little friend bolke Indians ka beijjati mat karo....koi bolega Africans ka friend bada hota hai. Tum bhi bolo for a big friend....thoda atmavishwas badhao yaar.

  4. Isn't this just like how Kasab wore thread on wrist to portray himself as Hindu? And Left Wing (incl. Congress politicians) started saying that RSS was behind the attack?

  5. I would probably not trust or rely on any Sudarshan news, wire, opindia content anyways

  6. Just curious - Will you trust Washington Post, NY Times, BBC, NDTV, Quint, Alt News, Scroll ?

  7. Dont watch in Hindi, watch kannada with eng subs, the hindi dub ruins actors' performances.

  8. Then why did they make a Hindi dub and released it in theatres? Also, doesn't reading subtitles prevent you from looking at the actor's performance? (especially if dialogues are fast)

  9. Bhai, Urdu b humari apni hi language hai. Indian hi hai, kisi k baap ki nhi jo hum use gair maaankr thukra de.

  10. See the comment. These words are Persian and Arabic. These were not originated / derived in India. These were imposed by invaders. (Same applies for English, eventually)

  11. Mastishq sounds a lot more Persian than dimaag, are you sure it's Hindi ?

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