1. Honestly that was pretty mean, especially considering that Noah himself admitted that he would have ended up like him if put in the same situation

  2. Just because Noah would have done the same doesn't make what N did any less wrong.

  3. I love how you only need to remember like one of their names to figure it out.

  4. the thing about moebius is that as far as I can gather, they are referred to as 'not human', so there might be some system in place that prevents moebius from having anything related to sexuality.

  5. Mio in M's body seems to still feel attraction.

  6. Yeah, but maybe they can't have sex as moebius? Not sure, I mean, their relationship was basically the whole reason they ended up as moebius to begin with, so I guess it could be possible Z made an exception with them

  7. I mean, I guess it's possible? But I can't recall anything that really supports that they can't.

  8. iirc, You have to face directly to either north, south, east or west. Otherwise, it won't work.

  9. This is only when you're placing the round bomb first and launching the square one into yourself. It still works if you're not going in a cardinal direction, it's just far less accurate.

  10. Assuming you're talking about fighting, the spin attack is busted on heavy weapons, making them far better options than their one hand or spear counterparts.

  11. I get that Mio sounds like meow, which is the sound a cat makes, but what's the deal with nya?

  12. HK is by far my favorite. The world feels the most expensive and most intelligently designed. Plus the bosses are super fun to fight, as compared to the other games where they're just kinda there. If I took any issues with Hollow Knight it would be the pacing. The game is really long, and sometimes you can go hours without getting any kind of new upgrades or powers.

  13. Jab: Roy because it sets up for combos. Although Steve and Megaman also have good jabs.

  14. You gotta change nair to links and f smash to pyra

  15. Link having the best nair is certainly a valid opinion, but I still think Byleth's is a little bit better.

  16. Wut, how did you keep that outfit on Mio?

  17. If you don't progress the story I don't think it makes you take it off. Unfortunately it means you can't go to Capricorn Peak or get the post-game heroes, but it's worth it for the drip.

  18. See, the problem isn't that you can't take the armor off, it's that once you take it off you can never put it back on. : (

  19. No I didn’t? I just said final smash, idk where tf you got those random accusations from. A final smash is pretty significantly different, on a completely different level

  20. What about a multi hit move that's going to kill the enemy when it ends? That's basically the same thing as a lengthy final smash. If the timer extends for final smashes then it's only fair that it does the same for multihits.

  21. A final smash is significantly more different, you’re making it way more complicated than it needs to be.

  22. It's really not. Final smashes are a bunch of hits that link into each other, just like a multi-hit.

  23. Did that mode change/add boss mechanics or just made them hit even harder and be even spongier?

  24. Both. The bosses had super beefed up stats, but it also introduced new elements like Elemental Awakenings. And it wasn't all just 1v3 boss fights. Sometimes you had waves of enemies to clear or puzzles of which order to kill enemies in. And there were even some new bosses with crazy new moves.

  25. Or we’ll get xb1’s more boring land of challenge where it’s just kill X enemy at X level with X characters

  26. XC1's was called Time Attack, while XC2's was advertised as "challenge battle mode."

  27. Anyone who played XC2 knew she'd be fine because she's a blade and blades are basically invincible, and anyone who hadn't probably didn't care enough about her for it to feel impactful.

  28. She gets shot through the chest and we are never shown where the wound is. If you were so confident this hadn't hit her core crystal, I salute your optimism.

  29. Even if it hit her crystal she'd be fine. Core Crystals in XC2 are shown to be nearly invincible.

  30. TBH I'm still sitting here wondering what the point of N and M's child is.

  31. The point is that he's important to Noah and Mio. (the past versions of them.) He was meant to show how their limited lifespan ruined their lives, as was the theme of that whole segment of the game.

  32. Yeah, the boss fight theme in XC3 is great, but a ton of RPGs have excellent first boss fight themes. FF7 and Chrono Trigger come to mind as good examples.

  33. When I first played XC3 I thought it was absolutely incredible and the best game in the trilogy by a good margin.

  34. Zer0 has to make the list for being the uncontested champion of Smash 4 for like, over half the game's lifespan. And it's not like with Leo how he's really good but doesn't always win, Zer0 won like 60 tournaments in a row.

  35. Spot on. Except change "past couple of months" for "last decade or so" and "D2" for "every video game". They've all felt like this for a long time now. It's like the dev companies are explicitly trying to make their game the one time sink you spend playing the most.

  36. There are plenty of games coming out that respect the players' time, and just seek to give a "short but sweet" experience. DOOM Eternal comes to mind, but there are plenty others. Many Nintendo games are also along these lines, but Nintendo is weird and doesn't count.

  37. With a fusion art, technically your normal art comes out before the master art. So if you have break on the right and topple on the left, it will topple, then break. But if you have topple on the right and break on the left, it will try to topple first (which won't work because they're not broken yet) then it will break.

  38. Zelda getting her down B back from previous games would be insane, and make her not a terrible character.

  39. I actually think a hazards on ruleset could add some more stage variety to the current list. Right now, the big problem children are Kalos, and PS2, which both are less than ideal when played with hazards on (Kalos much more so than PS2).

  40. Riku and Manana are featured in some cutscenes. During the scene where everyone introduced themselves near the end of chapter 1 both Riku and Manana make their introductions.

  41. Doesn't yumsmith have sappy-sappy-drain for lowering debuff resistance?

  42. It does, but there's no accessory for it. Even with Sappy-Sappy Drain it's still really hard to stick debuffs.

  43. I like Fire Emblem and hate pretty much all the self insert protags so

  44. It's not just the avatars from the 3ds era. Roy is also pretty notorious for lowering the IQ of his surrounding characters to make himself look smart.

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