Translation, 2044 Bond Payment - 02/01/2023

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  1. The theory that they defaulted on purpose to disable future option buying, right before the massive swap expiration/ rollover seems spot on. RC n Chang play chess. Acquisition is coming soon. We just don’t know how soon. Seems like the RSA reversal made it more tricky and an 8k isn’t needed yet.


  3. Just waiting for those 450k borrowed shares to be gobbled up

  4. One of the hospital's board members is Judge Federico A. Moreno, who is a senior judge in the Southern District of Florida district court (just search it--I'd put in sauce but I don't know what counts as brigading). Might come in handy for Ken Griffin to have favor with the local judge. Not saying that's why the donation was made--probably for a tax write-off and good publicity for his recent PR strategy--nor am I accusing this judge of being corruptible. Just saying in Griffin's mind that might seem like a bonus.

  5. He’s just suckin on de santis nutz. His only solution is to gain access to the White House.

  6. BBBY sure doing a lot of work for a company preparing for bankruptcy. Party City was just like, yeap I guess we're fucked. Insert the office (I DECLARE BANKRUPTCY). Yea looks like we'll be closing some stores pretty soon.

  7. Party city had 10-15 articles on bankruptcy over a couple weeks. Bbby has had 20-30 in the past 7 days LOL

  8. That’s what happens when you borrow 450k shares

  9. Remember those 450k borrow shares. Well here you go - Barclays my friends.

  10. This 👆. No big scum hedge funds/banks are on our side

  11. If we could get this posted daily.. with the current date... I will listen to this every morning while getting out of bed.

  12. Fuck yaaaaa. Video is epic! LFG 🚀

  13. I want to add that I did buy into BBBY recently. I invested $4,000 at $1.34, the same time MSM was spamming “BBBY bankruptcy imminent!” I knew that was bullshit and figured it was the perfect time to jump in lol.

  14. Sunday night announcement like Porsche 🙏 come on 74.1% tinfoil be true 🙏🤣🚀

  15. VW sneeze happened on a Sunday announcement by Porsche owning 74.1% ownership. We ride at dawn

  16. Oh boy look at that volume already! Regsho bobbby

  17. Icahn believe Icahn owns 74.1% ownership after today

  18. So fucking bullish. It better be a share offering or we're going to riot.

  19. Will sneeze from tomorrow until 2/10 🚀

  20. IV on my March $3c just jumped from 230% to 380%.......Markets are pricing in a potential $3 move in the stock price....

  21. Something big must be coming if shorters are lining up 2.3 million shares to short.

  22. Ya they need to short the living hell out of the ETF short basket because Bobby about to poppppp

  23. But but Bobby store closings will bring extra revenue for other big boy stores. Click here to find out which ones 🤣🤣🙈🤡🤡🤡

  24. Algos on suicide watch. Uncertainty of the inevitable M/A including shares as part of the buyout causing panic is my guess. Perhaps trying to mitigate digging a deeper REG SHO hole as well.

  25. Probably doing whatever they can to make it thru January under 5$ to avoid gamma ramps. Then announcement of some sort in February 🚀

  26. out of all days they decided to play relatively "fair", why today? more questions than answers out of today. i dont like it...

  27. Bc they pulled all there bullshit in pre market. Then made the chart look like a nice consolidation day. Criminals

  28. Someone at Citadel missed a minus sign. Back to the originally scheduled -12% after a reset of computers

  29. Looks like that 10-Q late filing fucked over swap renewals so now all they can do is try and keep shorting Bobby down while gme swaps get covered

  30. I have never seen such a strong inverse of GME and BBBY. They always run together usually closely or at least similarly. This is very strange though. Gme up 10% and bbby down 10%. I don't know what it means but I definetly think somethins about to pop off. I'm guessing BBBY goes on a pretty significant run today.

  31. 2nd market day in a row with a huge inverse

  32. Another day market pumping green while they annihilate Bobby. Wtf is going on damn criminals

  33. F Blackrock, getting more so they can lend their shares to their circlejerking diva SHFs

  34. Definitely the case. Savage fucking skumbags

  35. No squeeze this week would be an absolute waste of a never-before options chain that the company would likely never see again. Not saying it’s impossible, but it’s hard to imagine them dropping the ball in such a catastrophic way.

  36. The following week option chain has been getting juicy. Just wait till Tuesday when ppl start loading up on Jan 27 options

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