1. Twin Peaks. I binged the whole series along with the movie last summer and it instantly became my favorite tv show. Season 1 is fairly standard murder mystery tv. Season 2 gets more out there with supernatural stuff. And season 3 (which was made in 2017, 25 years after season 2) is really out there. It’s like an abstract art piece, but it’s really great. Season 3 is hard to get into if you’re not a fan of weirder art house stuff, but seasons 1 and 2 are absolutely worth watching at least.

  2. I started taking probiotics a few years ago, and it completely changed my life. It was like a switch flipped in my body - I had more energy, better digestion, and felt overall healthier. It was like I went from a clunky old car running on fumes to a brand new sports car with a full tank of gas.

  3. how did you find a picture of all of us in our spare time? lol

  4. That they were checking my Halloween candy for poison. They were just pilfering all the good candy to themselves

  5. My parents told me smoking pot was when you inhaled a cigar through a pot of water

  6. It’s illegal to leave your lights on in your car

  7. It looks like his phone somehow survived... They should make body armor out of those things...

  8. Come from a small ex-mining town in the North East of England. Completely forgettable, kind of scummy.

  9. I work with disadvantaged youths to help them get work and a stable place to live.. what do you do?

  10. I had a bad time early in the Pandemic as I was just becoming a fan of stuff like Let’s Game It Out (YouTube channel that plays Indie games) when suddenly I was trapped with my gaming rig. My Steam catalog suddenly got a lot of questionable purchases lol. Most of the stuff was $30, play it a couple of time, ok that wasn’t as fun as the video, next..

  11. Yeah I start playing single player ges these days.. mind wanders off and immersion is broken.. then it's over

  12. Im on reddit every day and have never once seen this question.

  13. Example - What's an immediate red/green flag in "Insert sex"?

  14. His hair makes him look like Bradley Whitford in Billy Madison.

  15. The game still says recommended is 2070 and I have a 2060 so I’d need an upgrade.

  16. Should've gotten the non-stick salmon. Classic compatibility issues.

  17. I didn't say to get the thing molten hot lol. I'm a professional cook with a decade of experience.

  18. I thought smoking pot was where someone took a cigar and smoked it through a pot of boiling water

  19. Does it have some sort of brain disease? That doesn't look normal at all.

  20. People just misspelling things to piss me off today it's the only explanation for adding an i to queef

  21. Good thing i'm an internet lie-lower. Didn't knew this people existed

  22. Like, the classic Blue Shift, Azure Sheep or Guard Duty?

  23. It's called Black Mesa: Blue Shift. Workshop content for black Mesa.

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