1. We don't even need to manipulate the pic.. its hilarious on its own

  2. This is so dumb, the sub reddit tha banned my profile is a nasty sub full of angry people who doxx anyone they dislike.. of course they will not reverse the decision.

  3. how do i reverse this, I need to use a VPN.. i get lots of haters as I have a YouTube channel with 100k followers, therefore i will always have haters as well

  4. My comments are hidden on the subs i use, have i been naughty

  5. I find it strange that a place that looks like Mars, has searing heat, also has snow at times

  6. I envy those who can sew, the ability to make stuff, perfectly suited to equipment..

  7. Jeremy makes out he doesn't know who Vidler is, yet he has been complaining about him for months to everyone who will listen

  8. It was his attempt at trying to get some sort of 'professional courtesy' from the cops... which if we're being honest was almost kinda sorta happening even without the badge. Most of the cops on scene seemed to think he was some sort of LEO, one of the cops even mentions 'we won't call your work or anything'. And then right as the 2 cops decide to actually arrest him, one of them clearly implies they have to arrest him so it doesn't look like some sort of thin blue line protection. Uses the phrase 'don't want this to come back on us'. Then they finally piece together he's not a cop and the one in charge starts telling him you can't tell people you're a cop.

  9. yeah, that is the real eye opener of that video, how his tantrum was working

  10. And that’s the point. He’s gotten so good at the temper tantrum/faux command presence that he thinks he can talk/shout his way out of every interaction with misinformation and misdirection. Although once people started dealing with him more often they realized how full of shit he was and that he was just a grifter and sex offender that couldn’t support any of his claims.

  11. Jeremy dragged photo around at every school fete, mothers day picnic searching for people to be photographed with.

  12. You'd think that first photo would just cripple any hope he had of getting elected. You'd see posters saying:

  13. Perfect. I can see the google machine working now , every time Mina is googled, Dewitte appears

  14. Honestly I'm a little over the Jeremy drama. Now I just want to see PTard answer for all his stuff. I hope someone makes a channel with 5 videos per day about PTard.

  15. i think he knows better than to lie on the imate form. people aren't putting up with the baloney from him anymore.

  16. Sounds logical, like Jeremy should realise staff will probably know about him.. but logic would tell a normal person that not deleting the youtube account will violate probation.

  17. LoL, you made funny name tags.. I am amazed it's not some reference to bum f'kn or gay marriage with the humour of the weirdo babies.

  18. Nahhh, you wanna kiss him more. you love PT. you wanna be his girl.

  19. Isn't that the video you showed the judge when you explained your families life was in danger?

  20. What normal society allows civilians to dress like this, whilst in public directing traffic. ordering other people around?

  21. It's always great to run across something you haven't seen before this late in the game, isn't it?

  22. 5 years would be amazing would it not.. imagine the confusion he is feeling right now, knowing that 5 years is very real, but it could also be another wrist slap.

  23. Not really sure what you're talking about there, champ, but sounds like someone really upset you. Show me on this doll where PTard touched you.

  24. Yeah, I would def deny all knowledge of that shit too if I where you.

  25. Listening to you defend your lover boy who was just literally crying in his last video is funny.

  26. Is this "listening" you are doing, from these livestreams ?

  27. Now that I've seen your comments throughout this thread, I'm convinced that you are either PoliceLube or an impersonator.

  28. I thought it was shut down because of the Israeli-US coalition investigation into stalking. Boston PD working with YouTube and Reddit etc.

  29. Who you asking? Also you better take that fing bass out your voice when speaking to men.

  30. hello 911 - Yes I am working with the fbi investigating a dangerous person, his name is puleese toob , i need a watch commander. I am an agent for Space Coast ,Ex Star Commander Speshal Police

  31. Back on using random words again today? Marine was right, you stayed sauced up dont yah?

  32. Tell you a secret, I am a tea tottler, please don't tell anyone.. it gives the wrong impression, I like people to picture Aussies with a ute load of VB.

  33. Recognizing that I volunteered as a Ranger, fully knowing the hazards of my chosen profession, I will always endeavor to uphold the prestige, honor, and high esprit de corps of my Ranger Regiment. Seems his Regiment is so secretive it 'may" not actually exist.

  34. Never leave a fallen comment to land in the grasp of a spam folder.. perfect

  35. Yeah it sucks being a grown up, but he can always go wandering anytime, some people have to pre-book, get a visa, save up money, get credit cards and passports.. nah. we can just grab a pack and roll anytime, anywhere

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