1. so with the new 14, we should be approx 87 cms total so far for the month,

  2. I think it's about the same, just the snow is whooping everyone's ass this month trying to keep up with it, 😂

  3. Omg I’m on a lot of subs where DH stands for “dear husband” so here I’m thinking “yes I guess a firm mattress would be helpful” 😂😂

  4. It's sad to say but for quality and value don't buy from legal dispensaries

  5. so where does one get it, if not from a legal Dispensary lol, not many, have "That Guy that puts it in ziplock baggies " to buy from

  6. Are you in good shape, do you exercise? Using weed will likely increase your heart rate. But if you exercise and raise your heart rate regularly, then I wouldn't worry about tachycardia. But if you don't regularly exercise, raising your heart rate with weed could cause problems. That's just my own take on it, I think studies that show heart attacks after using weed occur in already unhealthy, sedentary people.

  7. I'm in good enough shape, I walk , and slowly shovel snow, even if it takes 2-3 days to do, but it's exercise, ( we've gotten so much this month lol) I also pedal a bike in the summer, nothing extreme, but daily, and my weight is good for my age, also have had recent EKG, ( all fine) and bloodwork

  8. like even more anxiety, that's one of my fears,

  9. I agree, but if you look at the point I'm making its on the export business of Russia. It's like me saying, I have the best concrete in the world. Then a competitor comes in and says our concrete is better. Would you say prove it!? Not, we don't want their concrete, it's unfair that their concrete is now available.

  10. We are sleepwalking into WW3. Just saying! Whole Situation just keeps getting deeper, and worse!

  11. they are in heavy demand where he lives, they replace the odd old one with a new home, and they barely last a day on the market, when I was there in the summer visiting, I took a pic of a new one, being put in, very nice, made a imgur pic of it,

  12. it is when it's in 2 halves, he sent me another pic, ( as I asked him this afternoon about that) in this pic you can clearly see the 2 halves separated a bit, each with their own hitch etc ,

  13. thanks, I tried 12ft ladder, and browse in a private window,. it wasn't enough lol

  14. 12ft doesn't even unblock NYTimes anymore, they sold out (maybe?). I just googled an alternative

  15. NYtimes is the Mount Everest of Paywalls, only the best will see it😂 lol

  16. not much to add, and probably not the reason, but just make sure your furnace exhaust/intake pipes are clear of snow, ya never know!! , good advice anyway, and a friendly reminder !~!

  17. my brothers is also out in Kanata South, least I think that's where he lives lol, Emerald Meadows

  18. PP is dangerously unqualified to be PM and has a terrible track record. For example: He voted against allowing gay marriage while his gay father watched from the public gallery. He also went on a radio show and implied Indigenous people were lazy and milking their suffering for money, he also sided with the Freedumb Convoy, that pissed a lot of people in Ottawa off

  19. yup he did!! I Believe PP's Father came out as Gay when PP was 17... He voted for a Conservative motion in December 2006 to repeal Canada’s same-sex marriage law. The motion was defeated, 175-123,

  20. I hate Fucker Carlson so I don't watch him - can you link to his comments about invading Canada? I would like to see them before I start signing petitions.

  21. also sounds like we need the date/time , name of program, and name of Channel,

  22. Date was Jan. 26, 2023, need time. Name of program Tucker Carlson Tonight. Channel name Fox News.

  23. K thanks, I don't watch Fox news, ( I'm aware it's called that lol) but for complaining on those sites, it helps to have full details to be exact, K I got it done!, submitted!

  24. Pierre P is total Slime, should share this on

  25. The CRTC was created to eliminate any new competition. Primary reason Canadians pay the highest for tv, internet and telephone in the world.

  26. Propane doesn't seem as bad price wise, compared to Nat gas, I Paid 89.9 a litre August 28th, and today 93.9 a litre... I got 390 litres, subtotal 356.44 Carbon Tax 29.38 and HST ( tax on another tax+the juice 😂 50.16 )

  27. First one is nice and would honestly be pretty simple project to make with the help of YouTube and Ottawa tool library/makers space.

  28. I agree with this comment, the 2nd pic , while it may look like cool eye candy, looks like a bad idea logically ,

  29. Maybe a protest of force, take it back physically, move them into it, and end this! put so much heat on it, that no one will want it , that didn't own it in the first place, fuck them!!!

  30. Do you have a total for how much snow we've received so far this winter and how it comapres to previous years?

  31. I know last year, from Nov 2021 to Spring 2022, Ottawa got 188 cms for the season, ( I know because I kept track lol😂 ) the season before that, Fall 2020 till Spring 2021 we got 172 cms, Nov 2019 till Spring 2020 197 cms, Fall 2018 till Spring 2019 289.7 cms I got it all written down on trusty paper lol edit, I should mention, this is the page that I tracked to get those numbers,

  32. I know we did, came close to that 1971 record

  33. How I look at this every morning: 780 invaders and more than 50 tanks, fighting vehicles and systems destroyed. Indeed big day!

  34. me too, I check everyday, first thing in the morning, yes , it was a good day!! screw Nazi Russia.

  35. Actually.. you could just put it at the curb and let the plow do its thing 😅

  36. 3 months later, oh wow there it is 300 feet down the road on someones lawn lol 😂

  37. I had the same issue before. Running but not warming up food. Interestingly, it worked after unplug and plug back into power. If you haven't tried it, you may try it first.

  38. I had a 2002 Kenmore Microwave tap out 3 years ago, I turned it on, and it was making this nasty, low vibration type noise, my friend Mike was outside, and he heard it , he's like what the hell is that noise? food inside in was stone cold, possible magnetron failure.. but yeah, really weird how it went

  39. it does nothing pretty well, the only ulterior goal in Bell Let's Talk, is to make money for a Oligarch Company

  40. She’s a piece of shit. Zero empathy or acknowledgment of the struggles until it affects her. Conservatives are a plague on this world.

  41. her Hubby Joe Varner is also a POS, a few years ago, he used the Bells Corners Ottawa BIA Twitter account ( he was executive director of it at the time) to lash out at a member of the public

  42. I think this article is hinting at the Spring 2018 Provincial Election Campaign

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