1. NTA. Seconding others who are telling you it’s not normal. Came here to say I get a lot of cramp relief using a tens unit.

  2. They had their faces airbrushed before it became a way of life for millions of Instagrammers. They were truly ahead of their time.

  3. My god, I couldn’t even see their faces but for the terrible centersanserifcube.

  4. Only thing I can add is that I would have been around this age in the early 2000s and living in south Florida and YES, this looks precisely what everyone looked like back then - tongue rings aplenty.

  5. Yep. I was in the American South in the early 2000s. These pics give me Widespread Panic vibes.

  6. Yes these are what I thought of too. Didn’t they have a little waxy wrapping on the inside of the outer packaging?

  7. I believe they do, but frankly it's been so long since I've had one I can't say for sure.

  8. Lovely! Wear it out with a friend also dressed to the nines. Treat yourselves at a fancy restaurant and everyone will wonder what super fancy event you’re going to afterward. If anyone asks, say that you’re not allowed to say, that you’re not sure how they’d know you told, but you can’t risk it.

  9. I’m sorry about your hands! I have fibro so definitely commiserate, but always have to get one in against the Portland anti-umbrella crew whenever possible. I also appreciate a big wide-brimmed hat sometimes!

  10. Fellow fibro here. I find an umbrella can help with the allodynia that the wind gives me. Another umbrella bonus.

  11. She may find “secretary blouse” search helps with the top. “High-waisted trousers” too.

  12. Portland, OR, bins are the shit. I find so many treasures. Pretty much my entire wardrobe. And such random, wild things. Last week I got a 5-inch rubber baby doll that had been modified to look like a red devil with melting tissue and a third eyeball. Should’ve taken a picture for y’all before putting it in the attic with my Halloween stuff. I’ve come home with like 5 beautiful old puppets now. Vintage baby clothes galore. My friends’ kids are dressed so fly.

  13. Do you rent? My friend’s landlord used to come in while she was at work. She even found Doritos in her bed and she didn’t eat in bed or have any chips. Tape on door confirmed entry. This was in early 2000s, so no hidden camera. Then other tenants got together and swapped stories. Seemed definitely to be the odd landlord. Hopefully not anything dangerous going on. Hoping you’re just tracking it in.

  14. Used to love Overboard until I learned it’s my stepmother’s favorite and I think she sees herself as a superior-intelligence woman with a working class man, being my father. She’s the worst, though. Tainted Overboard for me, sadly. Can’t watch it the same way again.

  15. It reminds me of the Good Year logo. The brand usually uses yellow and blue.

  16. Oh God... I see you. Hope by the time you read this that things have calmed down for you a bit. Solidarity is what I need today (and what we all need in the broader sense). The numbness has died down but everything else is taking its own time (as per usual). Here's to a brighter day, soon - and thank you.

  17. Aw thanks. Still got the flu-like aches, but my appetite is here. Getting into a cup of instant mashed potatoes, my comfort food. Hope your brighter days show up soon.

  18. I probably average 2-3 hours. I like going alone because I always want to stay longer than others do. Probably would stay longer more often, but my legs start hurting. Dang legs getting in the way of treasures!

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