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  1. Right!? It's physical and domestic abuse. I found him triggering in that scene and I was afraid for Nicole.

  2. i hate his bony neck and throat...it bugs me

  3. Yeah it was under the prepared foods category. I wasn’t expecting a cake. It’s a full size chocolate cake and was priced regularly at 24.99. It was very fresh still, though!

  4. Damn! I’ve been wanting to snag one of their produce bags but this looks pretty good too.

  5. She was acting pushy and having her friend there just was very confrontational. She needed to apply pressure on Rishi, yes but how she went about it was so out of line

  6. Yeah it was so out of line having her friends there, and secondly having them confront him/his mom like that!! That just isn’t done in that culture , I’m sure. I’m sure it was taken by his family as disrespectful!

  7. She is stoned. My bet is Xanax. She looks normal, then gets half a drink in her and her eyes change. Typical benzo response when drinking alcohol.

  8. They're both the problem. Mahmoud also married an American woman expecting her change everything about her life ....

  9. It’s states that men must lower their gazes and not look at women though.

  10. But Mahmoud said he would absolutely look, so basically, to prevent men from sinning, women must cover themselves, purely because men have no self control.

  11. Well maybe in practice, men don’t abide by it, which is what Nouran is arguing against because it puts the onus on women. But on paper, and the way it is decreed, the responsibility lies equally between men and women.

  12. I kept seeing these but the sweeteners that is in them turned me off

  13. no, because i end up taking a cart full of stuff home!

  14. I hate how he wrinkles his nose when he talks….It’s so annoying!!

  15. he's such a boy...he even looks like a boy...she could get a man...

  16. she can do so much better!!! get a man, not an awkward boy!!!

  17. Why did this woman ever put herself in this situation? She needs to reassess herself.

  18. She could get a way better looking and more well-off Arabic/Muslim man if she chooses...why she settled with this boy, I'll never understand...

  19. Whenever I see these two, I always think that if Nicole had some kind of Muslim/Arab man fetish, she could have easily found a better looking, more well-off, moderate and hotter Arabic guy. Like Mahmoud just looks like an awkward teenager ( not even that good looking) to me. She could do so much better!

  20. I'm curious- does anyone know if this person sudeenly showed up one day /dressed as a women/wearing those breasts? How did the students react?

  21. He requested a cheese sandwich for breakfast- and freaked out when cheese came inside the bread instead of plain cheese on a plate.

  22. I also think that the wording and the way Fatima said it, could be misconstrued. She probably also was saying that the women 'don't go out much' as a response to (and comparison of) how much she presumed American women went out. Right after Fatima said this about Egyptian women, she asked Nicole about her friends back home, Nicole said that she had a lot of friends, and it sounded like Fatima assumed that they went out a lot etc...

  23. I used to nanny for a couple Saudi families. It was a little more lax. The women could be friends with other Saudi women. (This was in a sort of apartment compound) I don’t know if they were “allowed” to have friends outside of their religion but I never saw them with any. Only the men could socialize outside of the home. The women met inside the home only. The men were in charge and I asked for permission to take kids outside etc from the men. Islam is a very male dominated religion from what I can tell. They were all very kind to me and opened their home to me and my family. One man was divorced & he kept custody of the son. One of the moms explained to me that the children go with the men automatically in a divorce. Women could teach girls only in school and likewise for men. Eastern cultures are very different from Western cultures and it is embarrassing that these women do not do their research beforehand.

  24. children going to live with the father automatically is absolutely not the case in islam...maybe in saudi, but not in islam..

  25. Everything on the brunch menu at Maha's.

  26. Maha’s is so good … I find the portions small, for a middle eastern restaurant, where food is usually served with a heavy hand.

  27. Go to Caven library, located in Knox College at U of T. It’s open to public and so beautiful inside.

  28. Thank you for suggesting. It looks beautiful from the pictures 😊

  29. Also, Graham library at U of T. Also open to the public now. It’s nice inside there too

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