First proper AI generated movie is tormenting, accurate and scary

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Ron DeSantis' Board Rages Against Disney World After Legal Humiliation

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  1. Seriously. Regardless of if you like him or not, wanting someone to be imprisoned without evidence of a crime or charges is twisted. People can be so gross

  2. If Peter Molyneux ever wants Project Ego to actually exist, he should be working on this right now.

  3. oh stop with peter molyneux, master of overhype. chief of underdelievery, deceit and false advertisement.

  4. That's the joke lol. Only AI could give what he hyped up 20 years ago.

  5. I won't. It truly is an amazing piece of life.

  6. I feel like I read awhile back you need to dose something for these colorful sponges whereas the normal white ones we see you don't. Could be completely wrong, but I thought I read that somewhere.

  7. Well I’ll be damned that really is footage

  8. It’s not fair to the other dogs to have to compete against the malinois

  9. It's like watching my highschool uncoordinated ass being forced to play sports in PE with several guys on the football team all over again.

  10. I got a pair of wool lined carthart pants from Costco two winters ago, they are freaking amazing. I almost don't even need to wear my bibs with them on.

  11. Costco has been selling the muffuletta mix lately, you just need the bread, meat and cheese.

  12. Honestly I had no idea bicycle playing cards put out this much variety. Only one I ever see in a store is the same classic red or blue box.

  13. not to mention if he was correct and it was his father, the DNA could have been in such a bad state it would have matched both of them.

  14. Also it certainly wouldn't be the first time a lab has completely mixed up the samples. They could have botched it and said they found his DNA.

  15. And they are siblings, his DNA could have just been on her.

  16. I assumed since they said she was also raped, the DNA was pulled from a certain area that could have ruled out just a stray hair somewhere on her clothes.

  17. The anime most likely also brought many people that didn't even hear of the game at all. That's the best move they did to recover this disaster. The game is still barebone though.

  18. mmm cooked in a trash bag

  19. Under normal conditions I think the cockroach would be able to easily flip itself back. I believe it is dying due to bug spray, they usually die on their backs and keep twitching like that when sprayed.

  20. Damn couple spent 9 months driving around looking for a good parking spot.

  21. If you’ve never gone to an Asian market and bought a box of instant Vietnamese coffee, brother do you have a neat weekend ahead of you.

  22. For people who have both, which is more potent? Vietnamese or Cuban coffee? I've had Cuban coffee in Miami and I swear they put coke in that.

  23. Listening to the Office Ladies podcast really showcases how great of an actress she really is. She is just the sweetest little ray of sunshine, always laughing, joking, singing little made up songs, gushing about how much she loves everyone — literally the polar opposite of Angela Martin. Just a genuinely lovely woman.

  24. Also I watched her on the (I'm assuming cancelled at this point) Disney+ family knockoff of Chopped where she was the host. She did good, but guess the show didn't.

  25. Have not watched all the way through, but have to interject. While it's not ideal a normal plunger will 100% work for your toilet and any other opening. (You sometimes just have to be a bit creative)

  26. Or for another life hack, if the water level has receded but you know it's still clogged, boil some water and and slowly pour it down (mixed with a few drops of soap). Did this one time in a hotel room using nothing but the tiny coffee maker and bar soap. Without even flushing eventually it just emptied on its own.

  27. I have to hear this all the time during mating season. Sounds like a woman being assaulted in the woods.

  28. It's like the X-Men cartoon with Wolverine, you can't have bloodshed so when he goes up against normal dudes, he retracts the blades to punch them while robots are fair game

  29. I'm over all the super hero movies, but holy shit I'd love to see a new X-Men cartoon (or Spidey) that is meant for mature fans, so they don't have to hold back anything. Done right it could be freaking awesome.

  30. These board members have no interest in the actual duties of the board. They wanted power. Now they have to only talk about roads and infrastructure .. they’ll resign and give some pathetic reasons.

  31. I was able to join this group but cannot post to it. Requests to post have gone unanswered.

  32. Oh can we actually make posts there and use it? Unlike this heavily moderated sub?

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