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  1. If you can bounce a ball you can build an iphone

  2. How the hell did Andy Dick escape the whole #metoo movement? He's one of the most despised people in the business and known for his sexual harassment.

  3. Andy Dick was arrested in May for raping a guy in his sleep. He was actually confronted about it on a live stream oddly enough. Not sure when the trial begins, but he should be getting what's coming to him.

  4. I’ve met Andy twice while living in LA. Once at a backyard shin dig and he kept asking for coke and eyeing up young girls but was really interested in one on one encounters with men.. the other time I saw him on the train from LA to SM and looked high out of his mind. He is what he seems at least from what I’ve seen

  5. Well he's currently up on charges of raping a man while he was asleep, so I think at this point we all know what kind of person he is.

  6. Much easier than the "click images with a traffic light in them" and you click part that has just a sliver of the light in it and it doesn't count.

  7. You do have to wonder. Maybe none of them actually know what a kraken is.

  8. Put a bottle of Kraken rum in her hands and make her an alcoholic version of Gritty.

  9. Wait so Bang drinks don't actually have creatine in them? That's a pretty bold thing to lie about.

  10. Makes you wonder what it does have instead. If you've ever tried a bang versus a monster, you will get insane jitters/heart palpitations from the Bang.

  11. They're going to never leave the house so they can be filtered 24/7.

  12. If fishing while full of anal beads is wrong, I don't wanna be right.

  13. Thanks, now I am uncomfortable. Cringe so strong I can feel it in my bones

  14. It doesn't help the guy looks like a mix between Pete Davidson and Tim Curry.

  15. We've spent over 200 years showing the Brits what its like to have a country steal your treasures.

  16. This is true. This belongs in (and I think has been posted to)

  17. Sometimes it’s just the scale. Went to something at the Whitney and they had an artist and the painting was okay but because it was on these massive canvas it looked impressive. Now a Jackson pollock on a small scale is amazing because you know the backstory but if you didn’t it would be meh. So key to art is scale and a good riveting backstory.

  18. In this case it's all back story (name brand). As in the artist is famous for normal paintings, and decided to do a few dumb ones. When you have that kind of name brand recognition, you can do anything you want on a canvas and people will buy it up because it has your signature on it.

  19. Resource management: “you’re running out of cum, pound a Red Bull with viagra to recover”

  20. Bone Lab is actually an interesting looking physics VR game. Fighting skeletons and stuff. It's probably the most "normal" video game on this list despite the name.

  21. From what I can remember, that kid had a really fucked up life with a disgusting father and a mother that left them.

  22. Yeah. I always wondered how Ashton Kutcher killing himself in the end solved problems for the boy, but I don't think it did. It's as of his destiny was to be complete shit due to the dad.

  23. Oh right, I confused the actual ending with the alternate ending. In case you didn't see it

  24. He hit the only metal fan in the crowed of hip hop fans

  25. What are the blue and orange pieces in the plastic?

  26. Oh? Is there an easy way to tell which version I have? I'm pretty sure that the little arms on the end don't light up with red led. Maybe I have a portal 2 one

  27. The 2nd one has either Atlas or P-Body on the box, as well as it comes with blue and yellow stripes that are interchangeable.

  28. I would have been standing there for so long I would have let out a fart and the outfit would have a massive bubble in the back.

  29. They are rebranded Duracell. Like their vodka is rebranded grey goose.

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